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Minnesota National Guard
Veterans Overview
Family and Survivor Benefits

Military families and survivors are entitled to specific benefits depending on their situation.

Educational Assistance Program


Minnesota War Orphans Program

Military Funeral Honors

The NCA (National Cemetery Association) operates programs to memorialize veterans.  Veterans may receive a free government headstone to mark their grave, even in private cemeteries.  Military honors are provided by the Department of Defense and are arranged in advance by the family or their representative.

Minnesota Benefits

In addition to job placement assistance and educational benefits, Minnesota National Guard veterans may be eligible for other benefits.

VA Medical Centers

VA Medical Centers are full service hospitals Comprehensive health care is provided through primary care, tertiary care, and long-term care in areas of medicine, surgery, psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, oncology, dentistry, geriatrics, and extended care.

Vet Centers

Vet Centers are small community-based facilities that provide a holistic mix of counseling and community social services, psychological counseling for veterans exposed to war trauma to include post-traumatic stress disorder, family counseling when needed for the veteran’s readjustment, community outreach and education, and extensive case management and referral activities.  The Vet Centers are located in the community, outside of and not connected to the larger medical facilities.

Veterans Benefits

VA Benefits offered to Guard members includes home loans, burial benefits, healthcare, disability, education, training, vocational rehabilitation and employment, life insurance, and survivor’s benefits.

Veterans Health

To receive health care, veterans generally must be enrolled with VA. Once enrolled, veterans are eligible for a comprehensive benefits package of inpatient and outpatient services, including preventive and primary care.