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Minnesota National Guard
F Company, 1st General Support Aviation Battalion, 189th Aviation Regiment

Last vehicle out of Iraq

Members of Fox Company set up a shot at Camp Ripley, Minn. May 4, 2008.
Photo bt Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ewer

Unit Information

Home based at Camp Ripley, Minnesota, F Co. operated two air traffic control towers and provided air traffic control services in Mosul and Tall Afar, Iraq during their recent deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The units' insatiable quest for excellence led to 23 Army Air Traffic Controllers receiving their FAA Tower Certification, and 10 receiving their Army Radar Approach Control Rating. The Maintenance sections continuous support led to minimal equipment down time, resulting in continuous 24 hour operations of all ATC facilities.

- Controlled approximately 400, 000 aircraft movements, at two separate Army Air Traffic Control Facilities, without accident
- Handled over a dozen aircraft emergencies resulting in all aircraft landing safely without loss of life
- Supported Hajj Pilgrimage, Iraqi Air Force, Multi Forces Support, U.N. Mission, and ICAA efforts
- Made significant facility improvements of a vehicle maintenance shop
- Built an addition for the Army Approach Control facility in Mosul
- Built additions for Sykes Tower and Warhorse Tower

Community Connections

Unit Address: Camp Ripley
15000 Hwy 115, Little Falls, MN 56345
Unit Telephone: 320.616.3027
Recruiter Telephone: 320.616.3016


Unit Patch  Unit Crest
Minnesota National Guard Leadership

Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen.
Jon A. Jensen
Generally Speaking
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Wortham
On Center Ice
Unit Command Structure

Joint Force Headquarters

-34th Infantry Division

--34th Combat Aviation Brigade

---F Company, 1-189

Unit Leadership

Commander  Commander
Cpt. Nathan Burr
F Co.
1-189 GSAB
1st Sgt. Casey King
F Co.
1-189 GSAB

Major Unit Equipment

AN/TSW Mobile Air Traffic Control Center

HMMWV (Hummer)

See the list of major equipment used by the Minnesota National Guard.
Occupational Specialties

15Q, Air Traffic Control Operator

94D, Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer

See the complete list of specialties in the Minnesota National Guard.
Unit Links

Internal Unit Web Page

34th Combat Aviation Brigade Unit History

34th Infantry Division Association

Task Force 34, OIF 08-10 website

Family Readiness Group

The Flightline E-Zine

Aviation Careers
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Unit Friends and Family

In The News- Current Headlines

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Unit Articles

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