Minnesota National Guard
1st Squadron, 94th Cavalry

Spc. David Warner

Troopers of Charlie Troop, 1st Squadron - 94th Cavalry, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team formed up to train on response tactics and qualify for the State National Guard Reaction Force certification Aug. 23, 2013. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Anthony Housey/Released)
Unit Information

The 1st Squadron, 94th Cavalry (1-94 CAV) is a Minnesota Army National Guard unit headquartered in Duluth. The 1-94 CAV mission for 1st Brigade Combat Team is to perform reconnaissance and security in close operations. The 1-94 CAV is also prepared to support the state of Minnesota with a trained and ready force if called upon.

There are four major units under the 1-94 CAV: Headquarters and Headquarters Troop in Duluth,
A Troop in Hibbing, B Troop in Pine City, and C Troop in Cloquet.

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Community Connections

Unit Address: 4015 Airpark Blvd, Duluth MN 55811
Unit Telephone:218.723.4756
Recruiter Telephone: 1-800-GO-GUARD

Duluth armory, April 2009 Map

City of Duluth: City of Duluth website

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Minnesota National Guard Leadership

Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen.
Richard C. Nash
Generally Speaking
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Wortham
On Center Ice
Unit Command Structure

Joint Force Headquarters
- 34th Infantry Division
- - 1/34th Brigade Combat Team
- - - 1st Squadron, 94th Cavalry
- - - - HQ & Headquarters Troop
- - - - A Troop
- - - - B Troop
- - - - C Troop

Unit Leadership

Commander  CSM
Lt. Col. Timothy Kemp
1-94 CAV
Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Newcomer
1-94 CAV
Major Unit Equipment

HMMWV (Humvee)
Bradley Fighting Vehicle

See the list of major equipment used by the Minnesota National Guard.
Occupational Specialties

19D, Cavalry Scout
25U, Signal Support Sys. Specialist

See the complete list of specialties in the Minnesota National Guard.
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34th Infantry Division Association

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Unit Friends and Family

Red Bull Express
The official command information publication of the 1/34th Brigade Combat Team.

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