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Minnesota National Guard
851st Vertical Engineer Company

Unit Information

The 851st Vertical Engineer Company is a Minnesota Army National Guard company based in Camp Ripley. The 851 VEC provides command and control of three to five vertical engineer platoons that provide specific engineering support, construct base camps and internment facilities as well as construct, repair, maintain other vertical infrastructure in support of corps, division and maneuver brigade combat teams.

Additionally, the 851st is prepared to support the State of Minnesota with troops capable of
Winter, flood and fire support operations.

Community Connections

Unit Address: 15000 Hwy 115 Camp Ripley,
Little Falls, MN 56345
Unit Telephone: 320.616.3146
Recruiter Telephone: 320.616.3016



Unit Patch  Unit Crest
Minnesota National Guard Leadership

Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen.
Jon A. Jensen
Generally Speaking
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Wortham
On Center Ice
Unit Command Structure

Joint Force Headquarters

- 84th Troop Command

- - 682nd Engineer Battalion

- - - 851st Engineer Company

Unit Leadership

Commander  1SG
Cpt. Jonathan Johnson
851 VEC
1st Sgt. Alan Zins
851 VEC
Major Unit Equipment

MTV (Medium Tactical Vehicle)

See the list of major equipment used by the Minnesota National Guard.
Unit Occupational Specialties

21K, Plumber/Pipefitter

21R, Interior Electrician

21W, Carpentry/Masonry Specialist

25U, Signal Support Systems Specialist

68W, Health Care Specialist (Combat Medic)

91B, Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

91C, Utility Equipment Repairer

91D, Power Generator Equipment Repairer

91L, Construction Equipment Repairer

92Y, Supply Specialist

See the complete list of specialties.
Unit Links

Internal Unit Web Page

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Unit Friends and Family

Featured In The News

Troops give big boost to Vets' Camp
July 8, 2009

Guard Restores Disabled Vets Camp
June 23, 2009

851st receives warm welcome


MND-B Engineers Improve Joint Security Station 06/02/2008

Unit Articles

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Ripley Reporter
The official command information publication of Camp Riley.

Annual Training for 851st expands Disabled Veterans Rest Camp
Written by Spc. Thomas Keeler, 6/26/09

851st Vertical Engineer Company honored at Freedom Salute
Written by Sgt. Daryl Sandford, 10/15/08

851st Vertical Engineer Company's 3rd Platoon builds in Iraq
Written by Spc. Joe Hensel, 12/18/07

851st Vertical Engineer Company Deploys
Written by Sgt. Ben Houtkooper, 9/28/07

851st Vertical Engineering Company Deployment Ceremony
July 21, 2007

851st Vertical Engineering Company Deploys to Iraq for the Second Time
Written by Staff Sgt. Kenneth R. Toole, 7/21/07