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Minnesota National Guard
Company B, 834th Aviation Support Battalion

Last vehicle out of Iraq

A medevac UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter takes off from Ft. Sill, OK. With training coming to an end many of Task Force 34's helicopter​s begin departing for Iraq. The Task Force will be finishing up their training soon just as some of the earliest aviators did in the early 1900's. Pictured in the rear of the photo is the historic Balloon hangar where army aviation began its legacy.

Unit Information

The 834th Aviation Support Battalion (ASB) is an Army National Guard battalion headquartered in St. Paul that provides logistics, transportation, medical, maintenance and communications support for the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade. The Soldiers of the 834th ASB support the systems that enable UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters to perform their missions. There are four companies in the 834th ASB. B Company is stationed at the Minnesota Army Aviation Support Facility in St. Paul.

Forty Soldiers from B and C Company, 834th Aviation Support Battalion, will deploy in June for a seven-month mobilization in support of Operation Spartan Shield. The Soldiers will be headquartered at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, and will conduct aviation, mechanical and communication support operations to augment the 185thTheatre Aviation Brigade, with the Mississippi Army National Guard, currently operating in Kuwait.

To view a fact sheet about the deployment, click here.

Community Connections

Unit Address: 206 Airport Road, St. Paul, MN 55107
Unit Telephone: (651) 281-3483
Recruiter Telephone: (651) 297-8762



Unit Patch  Unit Crest
Minnesota National Guard Leadership

Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen.
Jon A. Jensen
Generally Speaking
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Wortham
On Center Ice
Unit Command Structure

Joint Force Headquarters

- 34th Infantry Division

-- 34th Combat Aviation Brigade

--- 834th Aviation Support Battalion

---- B Co., 834th Aviation Support Battalion

Unit Leadership

Commander  1SG

B 834 ASB
1st Sgt. Shawn Schmidt
B 834 ASB
Specialized Equipment



See the list of major equipment used by the Minnesota National Guard.
Occupational Specialties

15D, Aircraft Powertrain Repairer

15T, UH-60 Helicopter Repairer

25B, Information Systems Operator / Analyst
Unit Links

Family Readiness Group

Task Force 34, OIF 08-10 website

Aviation Careers

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Unit Friends and Family

Unit Articles

Quick reaction force training at Camp Ripley
Written by 1st Lt. Kenneth Toole, 11/9/11

Army aviator's career transitions with ceremonial last flight

Aviation Soldiers break from training to support disabled children

834th Aviation Support Battalion vehicle recovery section trains to success

Aviation Soldiers host Salvation Army Toy Shop

Aviators are Minnesota Guard Quick Reaction Force

Aviation Brigade Soldiers give back to community in Brainerd

834th ASB receives new leadership


A Co. 834th ASB trains for QRF certification
14 Nov., 2009

HSC 834th ASB Soldiers Participate In Twin Cities Marathon
4 Oct., 2009

834th ASB is awarded the MUC
20 Sep., 2009

Farewell ceremony for C Co., 834th Aviation Support Battalion
4 May, 2008