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Minnesota National Guard
257th Military Police Company

Sgt. 1st Class Dane Kringstad directs traffic in downtown St. Paul during the 2008 Republican National Convention in September.
Unit Information

The 257th Military Police Company (257th MP) is a Minnesota National Guard company based in Monticello. Soldiers in the 257th MP Co. are trained to perform a variety of tasks during both peacetime and war. The 257th MP Co. is capable of supporting the US Army with a trained and ready combat force and is prepared to support the State of Minnesota with troops capable of assisting civil authorities. Military police have five main operations and responsibilities: maneuver and mobility, area security, internment and resettlement, law and order, and intelligence.

Unit Lineage

The 257th MP Co began in 1940, by order of the U.S. War Department, as the 216th Coastal Artillery Anti-Aircraft Regiment. In 1943 the regiment was divided into battalions, with 1st Battalion 216th Regiment going to the 34th ID of the Minnesota National Guard.

In 1951 the unit was redesignated the 1/216 Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) Battalion and mobilized for service in the Korean War. In 1954 the unit reverted back to state control, and in 1959 the unit was disbanded.

In 1996 the unit was reconstituted as the 1/216 Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Battalion. In 1999 Battery C of the 1/216 ADA was redesignated as Battery D, 216 ADA.

From 15 Nov 2003 to 5 April 2005, Battery D 216 ADA was mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, for which the unit earned a Valorous Unit Award. In September 2005, the unit was redesignated the 257th Military Police Company.

The Valorous Unit Award is to be awarded to units of the Armed Forces of the United States for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy of the United States in military operations.

Read the full Valorous Unit Award citation

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Community Connections

Unit Address: 505 Walnut St, Monticello MN 55362
Unit Telephone: 763.295.6671
Recruiter Telephone:763.295.5935 or 1-800-GO-GUARD

Monticello Community Center, June 2009

Unit Patch  Unit Crest
Minnesota National Guard Leadership

Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen.
Jon A. Jensen
Generally Speaking
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Wortham
On Center Ice
Unit Command Structure

Joint Force Headquarters

- 84th Troop Command

- - 257th Military Police Company

Unit Leadership

Commander  1SG
Capt. Jon M. Schliesing
257 MP Co.
1st Sgt. Joseph H. Waters
1st Sgt.
257 MP Co.
Major Unit Equipment


M2 .50 cal Machine Gun

M9 Pistol

M16 Rifle

M203 Grenade Launcher

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

MK19 Grenade Machine Gun

See the list of major equipment used by the Minnesota National Guard.
Unit Occupational Specialties

31B, Military Police

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Unit Articles

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Sept 1, 2008

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2004 - 2005