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Minnesota National Guard
Camp Ripley

Some of the key assets found at Camp Ripley include two gunnery ranges, computerized small arms ranges, two impact areas, an Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC), a Live Fire Shoot House, two automated record fire ranges, one Table VIII & XII Range, and a 22-classroom education center all on 53,000 acres.

Unit Information
Camp Ripley is a state owned National Guard Training Site. Camp Ripley is a modernized, state-of-the art training facility. The staff is dedicated to providing support to training in the following areas: Operations/Training, Environmental, Logistics, Civilian Activity Leasing, and Recreation.

Camp Ripley trains units from all active and reserve components of the military. Foreign units from Canada, Great Britain, Norway and the Netherlands conduct training exercises on a regular basis. Camp Ripley conducts an extensive Winter Warfare Course for units and is designated the Primary Winter Training Site in the United States.

Camp Ripley features numerous ranges and state of the art training facilities to support unit training requirements. The post has a full complement of automated small arms and tank ranges as well as several specialized training facilities. This includes numerous ranges and firing points capable of firing small caliber side arms to the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), live fire MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) buildings and a demolition range for explosives. Numerous non-firing training sites available also include a MOUT Village, confidence/obstacle course, rappel tower, biathlon area, ski trails and training areas containing varied terrain that can be used for search and rescue training. Camp Ripley also has the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) which is an interactive system with multiple firing points and weapons that provides numerous scenarios designed to enhance fire control and engagement techniques.

The Mobilization and Training Equipment Site (MATES) contains equipment for immediate availability upon mobilization and provides equipment to units/organizations for annual training and inactive duty training during pre-mobilization. MATES is a tenant activity at Camp Ripley managed by the State Maintenance Office.

Winter Operations is a corner-stone of training at Camp Ripley. Camp Ripley is the National Guard's premier cold weather training site in the United States. Active and Reserve Component units from all branches of the military have trained at Camp Ripley.

Camp Ripley has a wide variety of housing available for military and civilian personnel. No family quarters are available on Camp Ripley.

Camp Ripley has a state of the art education center containing classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, student lounge, instructor prep areas and video-teleconferencing. All classrooms and conference rooms are equipped with TV, VCR, over head projector capability and 35mm slide capability. Also available on the installation is a 204 seat theater, drill hall, Chapel, maintenance training bays, cafeteria and fitness center that may be leased by organizations. A recreation center with full size gymnasium, shower and sauna facilities is also available. Catered meal service from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is also available.

Camp Ripley is a state game refuge and its natural resources are managed through a cooperative agreement between the Department of Military Affairs and the Department of Natural Resources. As such, all laws pertaining to the management of natural resources are applicable on Camp Ripley.

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Minnesota National Guard Leadership

Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen.
Jon A. Jensen
Generally Speaking
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Wortham
On Center Ice
Unit Command Structure

Command Structure
Joint Force Headquarters
-Camp Ripley
--134th Brigade Support Battalion

--147th Automated Target Systems
--851st Vertical Company
--175th Regional Training Intitute
Command Staff

Commander  1SG
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1SG Name

Unit Leadership

Major Equipment
CH-47 Chinook
M113 Family of Vehicles
M16A2 Rifle
Black Hawk

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Occupational Specialties
11B, Infantryman
31B, Military Police
42A, Human Resources Specialist
63B, Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
91W, Health Care Specialist

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Veterans Cemetery -Located 7 miles north of Camp Ripley. Visit Veterans section for more information on eligibility.

Minnesota NorthStar -Official website of the state of Minnesota.
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