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84th Troop Command

Soldiers with Headquarters Company, 682nd Engineer Battalion, muscle through an obstacle course at the Kuwait Land Forces Institute, a Kuwaiti Base, on Jan. 21, 2016. (Minnesota National Guard photo by Spc. Megan Doran)
Unit Information

The 84th Troop Command, headquartered in Cambridge, maintains control of field artillery, military police, engineer and civil support forces, providing a force capable of performing a wide variety of missions. A specialized command with a unique mission, the 84th Troop Command maintains traditional training standards to remain ready to support federal missions in addition to being challenged with the responsibility of conducting domestic operations throughout the state.

A large portion of the 84th Troop Command's domestic operations is the responsibility of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear response capabilities within the 55th Civil Support Team and the CBRN Enhanced Response Force Package. Additionally, the 84th Troop Command maintains the task of training the Minnesota National Guard's Quick Reaction Force, which deploys within six hours to assist in incidents across the state, and the National Guard Reaction Force, which responds within 72 hours.

2016 Accomplishments

In 2016 members of 682nd Engineer Battalion returned from a deployment to Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield. Utilizing the battalion's horizontal and vertical engineering capabilities, their mission was to oversee construction projects to both build and rebuild infrastructure throughout the Middle East and provide a presence to maintain stability in the region. Additionally while deployed, several Soldiers traveled to the United Kingdom to participate in the Steppe Eagle exercise, a multinational training event bringing together Soldiers from the U.S., U.K., Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to hone peacekeeping and peace support capabilities.

This year the CERF-P conducted the challenging Miles Paratus exercise in Wisconsin. Working with CERF-P and CST units from three other states, as well as the Wisconsin Department of Emergency Management, Soldiers and Airmen that make up the CERF-P worked with the many partners that would be on-scene during a catastrophic incident. The CERF-P capabilities included specialists to provide mass decontamination, search and extraction, medical support and fatality recovery.

Lastly, the 851st Vertical Engineer Company conducted its Annual Training in support of the Minnesota National Guard's State Partnership Program with Croatia. During the month-long training event, the 851st VEC - accompanied by engineers from the 133rd Airlift Wing and 148th Fighter Wing - worked with Croatia Armed Forces engineers to remodel the Dubovac School. The opportunity not only allowed Soldiers and Airmen to both execute and enhance their construction skills, but also work side-by-side with their Croatian counterparts for the betterment of Croatia itself.

2017 Objectives

In 2017 the 257th Military Police Company will deploy to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base for a nine-month rotation to support Joint Task Force Guantanamo by providing security operations. Though several National Guard units have deployed to support Joint Task Force Guantanamo's mission, it will be the first such rotation for a Minnesota National Guard unit.

The 34th Military Police Company will participate in the Joint Reaction exercise, a biannual training event hosted by the Army of the Republic of Macedonia. The 34th MPs will join the countries of Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro in conducting training to ensure a multinational military police response for humanitarian aid and refugee crisis management missions.

In 2017 the 84th Troop Command's CERF-P and CST will conduct a joint exercise in Duluth, further enabling the two teams' ability to collaborate during an incident.

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Unit Address: 1025 Broadway Street N.E. Minneapolis, MN
Unit Telephone: 651-268-8003
Recruiter Telephone: 612-723-8869



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Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen.
Richard C. Nash
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Joint Force Headquarters
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Commander  CSM
Col. Troy Soukup

Command Sgt. Maj. Stephen Whitehead

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M9 Pistol

M16 Rifle

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27D, Legal Specialist

42A, Human Resources Specialist

96B, Intelligence Analyst

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