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3-159 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion
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Unit Information

3-159 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB) is a U.S. Army unit under the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade when stationed in Germany. They are currently deployed to Balad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as part of Task Force 34.

The 3-159 deployed to Iraq in August of 2008 and should return to Germany in late summer of 2009.

The Attack Reconnaissance Battalion is comprised of a headquarters company, three flight companies, a maintenance company and a refueling company. They are one of five battalions that make up Task Force 34 at Balad, Iraq.

The battalion is physically split between Balad and Basrah.

The battalion headquarters is focused on providing flight operations support, flight following, conducts intelligence analysis, supply management, human resources functions, communications networking and repair and other miscellaneous activities to support the battalion operations functions.

The flight companies have conducted many classified missions that include a full range of ground mission support such as base security, direct support to ground maneuver operations, general security support for Baghdad and Basrah areas, indirect fire/counter mortar and attack reconnaissance. They have also conducted aerial escort missions.

Delta Company is the Battalion maintenance support for keeping the aircraft mission ready. They have really excelled by maintaining the BN fleet and keeping the aircraft flying while being physically split between two base locations.

Echo Company is also operating two separate Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARPs) to keep the aircraft armed and refueled for rapid deployment and response capabilities.

The biggest challenge the BN is facing is providing attack aircraft coverage from two separate locations and covering a large portion of the country.

The 3-159 ARB provides attack reconnaissance assets and utility helicopter escort throughout the Multi-National Corps - Iraq Area of Responsibility in order to facilitate efforts to achieve a stable Iraq through the advancement of a sustainable security environment.

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Hometown Connections

Unit address:
3-159th Rear Detachment
CMR 416 APO, AE 09140

Located at Bldg. 6506, Storck Barracks, Illesheim, Germany

Unit contacts:
Commander: CPT Michael Kaminski
DSN: 314-467-4292
CIV: (49)9841-834-292

1SG: 1SG James Inman
DSN: 314-467-4286
CIV: (49)9841-834-286

Retention NCO: SGT Clarence Gifford
DSN: 314-467-4532
CIV: (49)9841-834-532

Family Readiness: Genevieve Torres
DSN: 314-467-5017

Iraq: Sunday, 19 August, 2018 08:01 am
Germany: Sunday, 19 August, 2018 07:01 am
Unit Patch Flight Suit Patch
Unit Patch   Flight Suit Patch
Command Structure

Multi-National Force — Iraq
-Multi-National Corps — Iraq
--Task Force 34
---3-159 ARB
---- HHC 3-159 ARB
---- A 3-159 ARB
---- B 3-159 ARB
---- C 3-159 ARB
---- D 3-159 ARB
---- E 3-159 ARB

Command Staff

Commander CSM
LTC Brian E. Dillon
3-159 ARB
  CSM John Sundermann
3-159 ARB
Specialized Equipment

AH-64D Apache



Occupational Specialties

15B: Aircraft Powerplant Repairer

15D: Aircraft Powertrain Repairer

15F: Aircraft Electrician

15G: Aircraft Structural Repairer

15R: AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer

15Y: AH-64D Armament / Electrical / Avionics Repairer

Unit Links

Family Readiness Group

Unit History

Unit Balad Intranet

3-159 In The News

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