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2nd Battalion, 641st Aviation Regiment

Unit Information

The mission of the 2-641 Aviation Regiment (Task Force Cascade) is to conduct flight missions required for battle command of theater operations and transportation of supplies equipment and personnel with the Iraq Area of Responsibility. For sustainment of operations, 2-641 Aviation Regiment performs those missions which lie between the strategic and intra-theater missions performed by the United States Air Force (USAF) and the tactical maneuver and movement performed by Army rotary wing and/or unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), or ground assets.

Task Force Cascade is the Corps Combat Aviation Brigade’s fixed-wing task force. It is comprised of three separate companies: HHC 2-641st AVN from the Oregon National Guard, and C Co. 2-228th AVN from the US Army Reserve in Fort Bragg, NC., and I Co. 185th AVN from Connecticut, California, Mississippi, and Missouri National Guard.

Total Missions: 2,418
Total Hours: 10,678.5
Total Passengers: 45,875
Total Cargo: 11,664,301 pounds
Total AMRs processed: 21,780

On demand, the 2-641 provides commanders with fixed-wing airlift support by transporting high priority passengers and cargothroughout multiple operational theaters.

Unit mailing address in Iraq:
Task Force Cascade (2-641 AVN)
JBB, Thunderdome
APO AE 09391

Joint Base Balad weather

“The factor that influenced our success was training. We have some very highly skilled aviators in this organization coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, and they had a very important mission here of the “white birds”, which were the C12 and UC-35 used to fly the VIP missions throughout theater. On a daily basis they were flying four-star generals, and ambassadors, a very demanding customer because their schedules are very tight and constantly changing. They did so day in, day out, in a wonderful fashion.

As the “gold birds” were concerned, the C-23 Sherpas, we had Soldiers, many of which came from a variety of aviation backgrounds, different aircraft, and some of them new to the C-23. They quickly adapted to the mission, which involved flying with night vision goggles, picking up personnel and cargo and transporting them to keep the war fight going. The training they completed, their ability to operate in austere conditions, and their consistency throughout the entire deployment are absolutely outstanding. I just can’t say enough about the effort these Soldiers made. I am very pleased.”

LTC Christian Rees
Commander, 2-641 AVN


Lt. Col. Rees


Talks to a military reporter about his unit’s mission during this deployment, aircraft that was used to support the mission, achievements achieved during this deployment, what he hopes his Soldiers will remember about their mission, sends a message to Soldiers families back home and his pride in his Soldiers.
 (0904/DOD_100039756.wmv, 00:10:01, 53.5 MB)

Hometown Connections

Unit address:
Salem, Oregon

Unit telephone:

Recruiter telephone:


Iraq: Tuesday, 25 September, 2018 05:43 am
Oregon: Monday, 24 September, 2018 07:43 pm
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Command Structure

Multi-National Force — Iraq
-Multi-National Corps — Iraq
--Task Force 34
---2-641 Aviation Regiment
----HHC 2-641 Aviation Regiment
----C Co. 2-228th Aviation
----I Co. 185th Aviation

Command Staff

Commander spacer CSM
LTC Christian Rees
2-641 Avn. Regt.
  CSM Karen Jacobsharryman CSM,
2-641 Avn. Regt.
Specialized Equipment

C-12 Huron Aircraft
C-23 Sherpa Transport Aircraft
UC-35 Aircraft

Occupational Specialties

15P: Aviation Operations Specialist
25B: Information Systems Operator - Analyst
25U: Signal Support Systems Specialist
27D: Legal Specialist
35F: Special Electronic Devices Repairer
42A: Personnel Specialist
56M: Chaplain Assistant
63B: Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
68W: Health Care Specialist
74D: Chemical Operations Specialist
92A: Automated Logistical Specialist
92F: Petroleum Supply Specialist
92G: Food Service Specialist
92Y: Unit Supply Specialist

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Oregon National Guard

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Torgerson Family Adventures blog

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A 641 Shirpa photos

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