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2-149 General Support Aviation Battalion

Unit Information

As part of the Army Aviation Transformation program, the battalion was re-designated as 2nd Battalion of the 149th Aviation Regiment on 1 June 2006, standing up one of the first General Support Aviation Battalions in the Army National Guard.  When the battalion is not deployed, it has always stood ready to fight fires and remains prepared to respond to any natural disaster.  2-149th GSAB was alerted for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) February 2007, mobilized and departed for Fort Sill, Oklahoma June 2008. The 2nd of the 149th moved to the Middle East in late August and are expected to operate from Joint Base Balad in Balad, Iraq until mid 2009.

The companies within the battalion include Alpha Company UH-60 Blackhawk Air Assault helicopters; Bravo Company CH-47 Heavy Lift Chinook Helicopters; Charlie Company UH-60 Blackhawk Air Ambulance; Delta Company Aviation Maintenance; Echo Company Maintenance and Forward Support and Foxtrot Company Air Traffic Control.  Geographically scattered, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Bravo, Delta and Echo Companies are centered in Grand Prairie, Texas; Charlie Company in San Antonio, Texas; Alpha Company in Eastover, South Carolina; Foxtrot Company in Little Falls, Minnesota and three support detachments from San Antonio, Texas; Lexington, Oklahoma; and Eastover, South Carolina. 

2-149, known as Task Force Joker, conducts aviation combat support and aeromedical evacuation operations throughout the Multi-National Corps - Iraq Area of Responsibility, in order to defeat AQI and deny its resurgence, isolate extremists, and enable development of local security.

Joint Base Balad Weather
Mosul Weather

“What I would like people to remember about this deployment is what the Soldiers have achieved, individually and collectively as an organization. It was a pretty incredible task when started this whole transformation in June 2006 all the way to the deployment in May 2008. Essentially, we went from 60% strength to over 104% strength in less than six months, and went through several inspections as well as a rigorous train up in preparation for this deployment. The Soldiers stepped up to the plate and did a phenomenal job. I would say that is probably one of our biggest accomplishments. We took one of the most complex aviation battalions, in the brigade and turned it into a functioning war fighting machine, and I’m the most proud of that.”

LTC Joanne MacGregor
Commander, 2-149 GSAB


Command Sgt. Maj. Simms


Talks to a military reporter about training for this deployment, his pride for his unit, thanks Soldiers families for their support and care packages and sends thanks to fellow Soldiers
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Lt. Col. MacGregor


Talks to a military reporter about her unit Task Force Jokers Wild, the unit being spread out in Iraq, how training prepared the unit to be spread out in Iraq, what she sees as the most successful aspect of the operations so far and what she would like people to remember about this deployment.
(0904/DOD_100039754.wmv, 00:04:46, 25.71 MB)

Hometown Connections- Texas

Unit address: 1013 Lakecrest Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Unit telephone: 512-782-3612
Recruiter telephone: 1-800-GO-GUARD


Iraq: Tuesday, 21 August, 2018 05:40 pm
Texas: Tuesday, 21 August, 2018 09:40 am
Hometown Connections- South Carolina

Unit address:
Unit telephone:
Recruiter telephone: 1-800-GO-GUARD


South Carolina: Tuesday, 21 August, 2018 10:40 am
Unit Patch Flight Suit Patch
Unit Patch   Flight Suit Patch
Command Structure

Multi-National Force — Iraq
-Multi-National Corps — Iraq
--Task Force 34
---2-149 GSAB
---- HHC 2-149 GSAB, TX Nat. Guard
---- A 2-149 GSAB, SC Nat. Guard
---- B 2-149 GSAB, TX Nat. Guard
---- C 2-149 GSAB, TX Nat. Guard
---- D 2-149 GSAB, TX Nat. Guard
---- E 2-149 GSAB, TX Nat. Guard

Command Staff

Commander CSM
LTC Joanne MacGregor, Commander
2-149 GSAB
  CSM Anthony Simms,
2-149 GSAB
Specialized Equipment

CH-47 Chinook
UH-60 Black Hawk

Occupational Specialties

56M- Chaplain Assistant

Unit Links

Family Readiness Group

Unit History

A chaplain's view of Iraq blog

Unit Newsletters

Red River 44 blog

2-149 Balad Intranet

2-149 In The News
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