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Task Force 34, One Team, One Fight, Attack!
Website Purpose
 Task Force 34's official public web site, www.TaskForce34.org, is Task Force 34’s only communicative tool that maintains a connection with the U.S. public and the global audience 24/7/365. Task Force 34 is at war and we must have a timely, accurate, and professional presence on the web. This will enhance understanding of Task Force 34's strategic vision, missions, and roles supporting Multi-National Corps-Iraq and the Nation.

TaskForce34.org supports the overall mission of the U.S. Army by providing official, timely and accurate information about Task Force 34 policies, organizations, functions and operations.

Information available at www.TaskForce34.org is consistent with U.S. Army and DoD policies and The Principles of Information and contains information cleared for public release. Information intended strictly for the internal Task Force 34 audience is available through the Task Force 34 intranet. Family information can be found at www.ArmyFRG.org.

 The purpose of Task Force 34's publicly accessible web site is:

- To provide our internal workforce, communities of practice, and external pubic stakeholders with an overview of Task Force 34, our mission, vision, and successes.

- To provide an additional means for the Command and Staff of Task Force 34 to formally communicate with government officials, media, local leaders, community groups, concerned citizens, and interested parties, and deliver key messages about our projects, challenges and accomplishments across the globe.

- To provide current and potential audiences with an additional source in which to find online information and points of contact concerning our processes, procedures, practices, and progresses.

- To provide an additional means for anyone to conveniently communicate with us, from anywhere in the world, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.