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Great Neighbors   
United States Army Soldiers deploy all around the world.   See many different places, meet many different people and more than likely make some friends along the way.

Soldiers of 3rd Battalion 159th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (3-159 ARB) Motor Pool deployed to Basrah, Iraq are neighbors to the Royal Air Force.  These American Soldiers and British troops have become quite the neighbors.

“They help us with our mission set, whether it be electric, welding or other miscellaneous nuts and bolts,” said Spc. Richard West, 3-159 ARB.

Being in the garage next to the British forces have allowed the Soldiers to get to know more than just their way accomplishing the mission. 

“Being next to the Royal Air Force is interesting because we get to know their culture, their language,
the way they work on things and just their whole mindset,” remarked Spc. West.

The coalition forces in the motor pool have had fun getting to know their American neighbors as well.

“I have had a really good rapport with them, we help them out, they help us out,” said Jr. Tech Marc Stephenson,  Royal Air Force.  “We share information and we basically have a good time together.”

The camaraderie has really taken off for the two groups of military service members.

“I have learned a lot, like they way they speak … I have been trying to give them language lessons on how to speak properly, they love it,” joked Jr. Tech Stephenson.

“I have been showing them electric skills that some of them didn’t know,” he said. “I gave them a couple of classes on how to use our instruments.”

The Soldiers of 3rd Battalion 159th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion Motor Pool are expected to redeploy back to Germany later this summer. 

Sgt. Lynette Hoke
15 Feb., 2009

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Motor Pool in Basrah


Package of a motor pool in Basrah, Iraq with American and British forces and how they learn from each other. Produced by Staff Sgt. Lynette Hoke.
(0902/DOD_100036277.wmv, 1:07, 5.82 MB)


NCO Story


Package of the Basrah Motor Pool and what it takes to be an Non Commissioned Officer. Also see "Motor Pool in Basrah, Iraq" in the package and b-roll sections.
(0902/DOD_100036273.wmv, 0:51, 4.39 MB)


3-159th Attack Reconnaissance


B-roll of a motor pool in Basrah, Iraq with American and British forces. Scenes include Soldiers working on both large and small vehicles including wiring, changing fluids and general maintenance. Produced by Staff Sgt. Lynette Hoke.
(0902/DOD_100036278.wmv, 1:19, 6.84 MB)