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D Co. 3-159 exceeds standard for reenlistments

As the deployment ticks by in Iraq, meteorologically speaking, the days were perfect for the Soldiers of D Co., 3rd Battalion, 159th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB). The air was remarkably cool, with a brisk breeze blowing across the flat ground of the Joint Base Balad flight line. The sun burned brightly above the formation and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen for miles.

It was in these conditions, along with F-16s thundering overhead, that the D Co. “Outlaws” were to set the standard for reenlistment. On Oct 11, Delta Company’s commander CPT Nathanal J. Patton swore in eight United States Army Soldiers, collectively taking in close to 80 thousand dollars in bonuses for continuing their service to their country.

That reenlistment formation was actually one of many in the month of October for the members of 3-159 ARB. Two days prior, CPT Patton swore in Soldiers working as part of D Co. split operation mission in Basra, Iraq. Shortly thereafter, two more Soldiers, swept up in the momentum from the Oct. 11 enlistment ceremony, swore to honor and defend their country. Within less than a week, the D Co. “Outlaws” had sworn in ten percent of its strength for continued service, collecting nearly 100 thousand dollars in bonuses.

The Soldiers varied from every rank in the spectrum as well as their reenlistment commitments. Some added two years to their service, others signed up for indefinite terms of service. “At this time, Delta Company is exceeding the glide path set forth by Headquarters, United States Army Europe,” said SSG Walter Simmons, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade Career Counselor. Their dedication to service, and their loyalty to their unit, combined to distinguish them as the example for Soldiers everywhere.

SPC Neil Dalson, D Co., 3-159 AHB Unit Public Affairs Representative
11 Oct., 2008

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