Minnesota National Guard
Soldiers and Airmen
Recent events have demonstrated now more than ever the crucial role the Army and Air National Guard plays when called upon by our nation during times of need. We have responded - we are there. The reason for our success is clear -- the people of our Guard family. Minnesota's Guard family is a collection of people from every community within the state. These Soldiers and airmen have personal lives to lead, families to support, and careers to pursue in the civilian sector. In addition, our service members are not only available for regularly scheduled duty, but also support an increased operational tempo.Minnesota's Soldiers and airmen are our most precious resource. They need our assistance to balance their personal, professional, and military lives.This section provides useful information for Minnesota's National Guard Family.
I am the Guard

Civilian in Peace, Soldier in War...of security and honor for three centuries I have been the custodian...I am the Guard! At Concord's bridge, I fired the fateful shot heard 'round the world. I bled on Bunker Hill. My footprints marked the snows at Valley Forge. With Washington on the heights of Yorktown, I saw the sword surrendered...I am the Guard. These things I know - I was there! I saw both sides of the War Between the States - I was there! The hill at San Juan felt the fury of my charge; the far plains and mountains of the Philippines echoed to my shout. In France the dark forests of the Argonne blazed with my barrage; Chateau-Thierry crumbled to my cannonade. I am the Guard. I bowed briefly on the grim road at Bataan. Through the jungles and on the beaches I fought the enemy...beat, battered, and broke him. I scrambled over Normandy's beaches - I was there! I flew MiG Alley to the Yalu - I am the Guard! I fought in the skies above Vietnam - I was there! In the skies and on the ground, I made the Arabian desert feel the fury of the storm. I am the Guard! Civilian in peace, Soldier in war...the stricken have known the comfort of my skill. I have faced forward to the tornado, the typhoon, and the horror of the hurricane and the flood. I saw the tall towers fall - I was there! I am the Guard. For three centuries the custodian of security and honor, now and forever...I am the Guard.