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Minnesota National Guard
Preventive Health Care

What is Well-Being? It is all the factors that affect the human dimension of our organization. As the Army and Air National Guard changes to meet the challenge of its missions, both stateside and abroad, we must keep in mind the personal, physical, material, mental, and spiritual state of our Soldiers, Airmen, civilians, and their families. Their “Well-Being” contributes to their readiness to perform the Minnesota National Guard mission.

The focus is to improve and sustain our institutional strength by using a comprehensive plan that includes Well-Being focused initiatives, programs and resources to meet the needs of our Soldiers, Airmen, civilian workforce, family members, retirees and veterans. Minnesota National Guard readiness is inextricably linked to the well-being of all its members. The goals are to provide a competitive standard of living; foster a culture, sense of community and record of accomplishment that creates pride and loyalty; recruit and retain quality Soldiers, Airmen, civilians, and families; and provide an environment that allows personal enrichment -- thus giving our leadership a strong organization primed for mission success.
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Drug Prevention, Treatment and Outreach

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