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Pay and Compensation
Pay, Compensation and Benefits For two days of weekend training, you’ll receive four days’ active duty pay. You’ll also receive immediate benefits: post exchange and commissary privileges, space-available travel, medical benefits … and more. You may even qualify for an affiliation bonus.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service

In 1991, the Secretary of Defense created the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to reduce the cost of Defense Department finance and accounting operations and to strengthen financial management through consolidation of finance and accounting activities across the department. Since inception, DFAS has consolidated more than 300 installation-level finance and accounting offices into 26, and reduced the work force from about 27,000 to approximately 16,000 personnel.

DFAS is financed by its customers rather than through direct appropriations. This service-provider relationship with its customers pushes DFAS to seek continuous innovation and improvement in the quality of services it provides. DFAS has steadily reduced its operating costs and has returned these savings to customers in the form of decreased bills.

Civilian Pay Scales

Basic Allowance for Housing

BAH is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. The intent of BAH is to provide uniformed service members with permanent duty within the 50 United States accurate and equitable housing compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets, and is payable when government quarters are not provided. A uniformed service member stationed overseas, including U.S. protectorates, not furnished government housing, is eligible for Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA).

BAH Type 2

BAH with dependents

BAH without dependents

The following Web pages contain a wealth of information on military pay and allowances, as well as associated topics.


  • MNGR 690-335, Merit Placement Plan

  • MNGR 690-430, Performance Management System

  • MNGR 690-312, Position Management Plan

  • MNGR 690-451, Technician Incentive Awards

  • MNGR 532-1, Environmental Differential Pay/Hazard Pay Differential

  • MNGR 690-990-2, Leave and Hours of Duty

  • TPR 752 Discipline and Adverse Action.pdf


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