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Minnesota National Guard
Soldiers & Airmen
Enlisted Promotion System

The Enlisted Promotion System (EPS) provides for career progression and rank that are in line with potential and for recognition of the best-qualified Soldiers, which will attract and retain the highest caliber Soldier for a career in the Minnesota Army National Guard (MNARNG). EPS supports a Select-Train-Educate-Promote (STEP) concept, ensuring appropriate training, education and experience is complete before promotion to Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) ranks.

Current EPS Lists and Open Vacancy positions can be found on AKO. Follow the navigation instructions posted below.

Instructions for accessing MNNG J-1 files on AKO.pdf

2018 EPS Memorandum of Instruction.pdf

Enclosure 1 - Denial Processing.pdf

Enclosure 2 - Denial Counseling.pdf

Enclosure 3 - Denial Counseling E4-E5.pdf

Enclosure 4 - Denial Counseling E6-E7.pdf

Enclosure 5 - Denial Counseling E8-E9.pdf

Enclosure 6 - FY18 Consideration Eligibility Requirements.pdf

Enclosure 7 - Consideration Packet Processing.pdf

Enclosure 8 - EPS Checklist.pdf

Enclosure 9 - Promotion Eligibility Roster Processing.pdf

Enclosure 10 - Career Progression MOS Change Request Worksheet.pdf

Enclosure 11 - Specialist and Corporal Evaluation Report MNARNG 4101-1.pdf

Enclosure 12 - Suspense Date Matrix.pdf

Enclosure 13 - EPS Board Baseline.pdf

Enclosure 14 - FY18 EPS Pamphlet.pdf