Minnesota National Guard
Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving Access Code

The Defensive Driving Course Access Code for
the Minnesota National Guard is:

1. Copy this number MN4173 (highlight, then
press Ctrl + C)

2. Click: www.safetyserve.com/arng/ and select
New Students if first time member.

Click link called 'Click here for new Student Registration'.

Input MN4173 in appropriate field.
Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive instructions on how to obtain an official National Safety Council DDC-PC Certificate of Completion.

Make safety your priority.  The Army National Guard is committed to ensuring Soldiers develop driving skills that will allow them to competently and confidently operate vehicles under all conditions.  The number one killer of all Soldiers is privately owned vehicles.  To combat this enemy, a standardized, flexible, user-friendly, easily accessible program for all Soldiers was developed.  You are highly encouraged to complete this training.
Insurance Discount

When you have completed this course, in addition to acquiring valuable knowledge about how to become a more defensive driver, you may also qualify for a personal auto insurance discount. Please contact your auto insurance carrier to see if you qualify for a discount.