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Minnesota National Guard
Tricare Insurance


Reserve Component members are covered for any injury, illness or disease incurred or aggravated in the line of duty, including traveling to and from military duty, under line-of-duty procedures. Medical coverage (direct care at the Military Treatment Facilities) is available when the member is activated.  Reserve Component members have comprehensive health care coverage under TRICARE.  Reserve Component members are eligible for "early" and transitional (TAMP) (demobilization) benefits when ordered to active duty for more than 30 days in support of a contingency operation.

Early Eligibility Benefit offers Reserve Component (RC) Service Members (SM) activated in support of a contingency operation for 31 days or more and dependents, "early" access to TRICARE benefits.  Eligible dependents may enroll in TRICARE Prime/Prime Remote during this period. 

To be Eligible the RC Unit or Individual SM must have received an Activation Alert Order.  The Personnel Office is responsible for establishing eligibility in DEERS for the early TRICARE benefit.  The Benefit can begin up to 90 days prior to the Active Duty Mobilization Report Date.


TRICARE Prime/Prime Remote
- Enrollment fees apply—$230 for individuals, $460 for families
- Outpatient care—$12 per visit
- Inpatient care—$11 per day, $25 minimum
- Inpatient mental health—$40 per day
- Emergency care—$30 per visit

- Annual outpatient deductible—$150 for individuals, $300 for families
- Inpatient care—$250 per day** or 25% of hospital’s negotiated charges, whichever is less, plus 20% of negotiable professional fees
- Outpatient care—20% of the negotiated fee
- Inpatient mental health—20% of the negotiable fees

TRICARE Standard
- Annual outpatient deductible—$150 for individuals, $300 for families
- Inpatient care—$512 per day** or 25% of hospital’s billed charges, whichever is less, plus 25% of allowed professional charges
- Outpatient care—25% of allowed charges
- Inpatient mental health—lesser of $169 per day** or 25% of allowable fees



TRICARE Dental Program is available to Active Duty Dependents, Reserve/National Guard Service Members (Select Reserve) and their Dependents.  TDP is premium based program that allows you the Sponsor to select coverage for yourself and or your eligible dependents (i.e.. spouse and children up to age 21 or 23 if enrolled in school as a full-time student)

Current TDP Enrollment and monthly Premium information can be found at their web site: www.tricaredentalprogram.com or by calling toll-free (888)622-2256

Additional Information
A brief description of your Medical Benefits (TRICARE) when returning home

Bloominton TRICARE Walk-in center
2626 E. 82nd St
Atrium Bldg. Suite 145
Bloomington, MN 55425