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Minnesota National Guard

County Veteran Service Officers

Each county in Minnesota has a County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO).   The individuals are available in a veteran’s community to assist them with claims and benefits.   CVSO’s are accessible and trained to help a veteran determine which federal or state benefits they are eligible to receive, submit the correct forms and documentation needed to support the claim and answer any questions a veteran or their family has about veterans benefits.  

Find your CVSO through the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs www.mdva.state.mn.us


  Bob Davis, Goodhue County CVSO;  Reggie Worlds, Veterans Assistance Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs;  and Mike Siebenaler, VA Medical Center Patient Representative,  discuss the role of the CVSO, VA Benefits, Healthcare, and Veterans Centers.  Question and answer session from the audience. Listen now to the “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” podcast of CVSO services, VA benefits, Healthcare, and Veterans Centers. (Run time 27:16, recorded 9/21/06)

Outreach and Communication

The road of reintegration from Warrior to Citizen-Soldier is steep.   Returning service members face the challenge of overcoming alienation, changing from simplicity to complexity, replacing war with another form of high, moving beyond war and facing the meaning of life, and coming to peace with oneself.


  Aundrey J. Sanchez, Veterans Assistance Coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs describes outreach services available for veterans. Listen now to the “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” podcast that describes Outreach and Communications for returning combat veterans.
(Run time 55:10, recorded 9/21/06)

Veteran Service Organizations

Veteran Service Organizations provide various services for veterans. Some services offered may include lobbying for the interests of veterans, including support for veteran's benefits such as pensions and the Veterans Affairs hospital system and organizing commemorative events and volunteer activities.

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