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Minnesota National Guard
Faith-based Recovery

Faith-based organizations have been a cornerstone of community assistance to those in need throughout America ’s history. For more information contact your local church.

Army and Air force chaplians reach a unique segment of the American population, the nation's sons and daughters who serve on point for freedom. They serve in a variety of ways to meet the religious and spiritual needs of Soldiers and their family members.

Minnesota National Guard Chaplains

Maj. John Morris
Deputy State Chaplain

Sgt. 1st Class Jody Courts
State Reintegration NCOIC

Staff Sgt. Jonna Miller
State Reintegration Team NCOIC

Senior Airman Karly Vogel
Chaplain Assistant
J1 Deployment Cycle Support

Master Sgt. Ronald Smith
Monthly Individual Reintegration Training Coordinator

Lt. Col. Rob Lubben
133rd AW Chaplain
Office: 612-713-2521
Cell: 612-760-1506

148th Wing Chapel
Office: 218-788-7447