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Minnesota National Guard
Survivor Benefits Plan
Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP)

You are automatically enrolled in SBP with maximum coverage when you retire if you have a spouse or dependent children.  You must elect to receive a lesser coverage or no coverage. If you are married at retirement but decline SBP participation, you cannot later enroll in the plan on behalf of that spouse or any other spouse acquired after retirement. If you have no eligible beneficiaries at retirement, and later gain a spouse and/or child(ren) you must notify DFAS Cleveland (1-800-321-1080) within one year of acquiring that dependent if you wish to elect SBP for these beneficiaries.
Supplemental SBP

Retirees who elect basic SBP at the maximum level for a spouse or former spouse may purchase additional coverage to increase the survivor benefit by one of four benefit levels: 5 percent, 10 percent, 15 percent, or 20 percent of retired pay that will begin after age 62.  This "supplemental" will offset the two-tier reduction.  Your SBP counselor is able to provide additional information.
Former Spouse Coverage

Such election should be accompanied by a statement setting forth whether the election is being made pursuant to a written agreement, or is voluntarily made and if such agreement has been incorporated in writing, or ratified, or approved by, a court order. The member and the former spouse must sign the statement.

Request to withdraw from SBP must be made between the first day of the twenty fifth month and the thirty sixth month following retirement. This withdrawal must be done on DD Form 2656-2   dated May 1998. If withdrawing for spouse coverage, the spouse must concur in writing with the withdrawal, and RSO/RAO or a Notary must witness her signature. Once a retiree withdraws, they can not elect into the Plan again in the future.