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Minnesota National Guard
Retirement Pay
General Information

Your first retirement payment should arrive on the first business day of the month following the month of your 60th birthday. In a separate mailing, you will receive a letter, which will show you how your pay was computed. This will include your deductions for SBP, federal/state income tax, and allotments.  Contact your local MPF or Retirement Services Office to obtain an estimate of your retired pay.
Preparing for Retirement

After 20 years of drilling you will receive your 20 year letter.  Your unit will complete the retirement packet received from the RPAM office.  At this time you will make an initial Survivor Benefit Plan election.

Around your 59th birthday you will receive a retirement packet from Human Resources Command in Fort Knox, KY. Contact the RSO office in St. Paul, MN to make an appointment for assistance in completing the paperwork at 651-282-4510 or laura.m.steckel.civ@mail.mil

Changes to Your Account

DFAS must be advised of changes to address, Direct Deposit or tax withholding information. They may also need to be advised of changes in marital or dependency status if you have Survivor Benefit Plan coverage. Changes may be made for the following reasons:

  • Death of spouse or dependent child
  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • Birth of Child

You have one year from the effective date to submit DD Form 2656-7 Verification for Survivor Annuity

The following documents are needed to establish your retirement account and are to be completed as part of your pre-retirement preparation. Data for Payment of Retired Personnel (DD 2656)

This form must be completed prior to your retirement / transfer date. It requires you to provide DFAS with dependency information, your SBP election, beneficiary information and withholding information for Federal and State tax purposes. SBP Election Statement for Former Spouse Coverage (DD 2656-1)

If you elect some type of Former Spouse SBP coverage, you must also complete a DD 2656-1. Application for Retired Pay Benefits DD 108 Direct Deposit form SF 1199a ARNG Retirement Points History Statement Application for Retired Pay NGB 23c

Prior to your retirement, it is important that you attend any briefing offered by your command concerning the retirement system. The decisions you make at the time of retirement affect the amounts of your retirement benefits and of your survivor's benefits.

is a tool to help retirees manage their pay. You can make changes to your pay account information through the Internet.
Contact Information

Mrs. Laura Steckel
20 12th Street West
St. Paul, MN 55155