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Minnesota National Guard
Reserve Component
Survivor Benefits Plan

RCSBP is designed to provide you, as a retirement-qualified Reserve Component (Army Reserve and Army National Guard) Soldier, an opportunity to provide a guaranteed lifetime annuity for your survivor(s) in the event of your death. The annuity is based upon the retired pay earned by you. Your retired pay cannot be continued after your death: only you may draw the retired pay that you earned. Under the RCSBP, if you have 20 qualifying years of service, you have three options for enrollment, and you may designate to whom you desire the annuity to be paid.
Coverage Plans

No Participation:
The Soldier elects not to participate in the RCSBP. The Soldier reserves the right to enroll in the RCSBP when he/she:
  • Marries [election must be made within one year of the marriage]
  • Attains age sixty (60) and receives retired pay
  • Agrees with spouse, in writing, not to enroll in the RCSBP

Coverage, No Annuity until 60:
The Soldier elects coverage, but does not desire that the annuity be paid to the widow/widower until the Soldier would have attained age sixty (60).

Coverage, Immediate Annuity:
The Soldier elects coverage requiring that the annuity payments to the widow/widower begin immediately upon the death of the Soldier

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