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Minnesota National Guard
Retail Pharmacy
  1. Advantages
TRRx (TRICARE Retail Pharmacy) Program allows you to fill your prescriptions at network pharmacies across the nation.  All retail pharmacy services are handled centrally through Express Scripts. All prescriptions are processed through one database and checked against other prescriptions for drug interaction information.
  1. Eligibility
Your information must be correct in DEERS in order to be eligible for the retail pharmacy program.
Guard members with approved LOD (Line of Duty) claims must submit a DD Form 2642 (CHAMPUS Claim-Patient’s Request for Medical Payment)
  1. Co-payment/Cost Share
Cost of medication varies according to the type of drug, the formulary status of the drug and where you get the prescription filled.  Visit TRICARE Express-Scripts for more information.

TMOP (TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy) Program You can receive up to a 90 day supply of medications taken on a regular basis.  Co-payment is the same for a 30 day supply from a retail pharmacy.

Visit TRICARE Express-Scripts TMOP for more information.