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Minnesota National Guard
Basic Program

The Basic Program is available only to those who were enrolled in the TRDP prior to September 1, 2000 and who have chosen to remain enrolled in the basic program rather than upgrade their enrollment to the enhanced program. Effective September 1, 2000, when the enhanced program took effect, new enrollments in the basic program were discontinued.
Enhanced Program Eligibility

1. Spouse of enrolled member
2. A member of the retired Reserve/Guard, including a "gray-area" reservist, who is entitled to retired pay but does not actually begin receiving it until age 60
3. A child of an enrolled member, up to age 21 (to age 23 if a full-time student, or older if disabled before losing eligibility)
4. An unremarried surviving spouse or eligible child of a deceased member who died on retired status or while on active duty
5. A Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and eligible family members, or an unremarried surviving spouse/eligible family members of a deceased recipient
6. A current spouse and/or eligible child of a non-enrolled member with documented proof the member is:
- Eligible to receive ongoing, comprehensive dental care from the Department of Veterans Affairs
- Enrolled in a dental plan through employment and the plan is not available to family members
7. Unable to obtain benefits through the TRDP due to a current and enduring medical or dental condition
Online Directory

Online directory
of participating network dentists for enrollees of the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP)