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Minnesota National Guard
Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay

CRDP (Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay) is a restoration of the retired pay deducted from military retirees’ accounts due to their receipt of Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) compensation.

If you have a DVA-rated, service-connected disability of 50% or higher, unless you are a disability retiree with less than 20 years of service or a retiree who combined your military time and civil service time to qualify for a civil service retirement you qualify. If you combined your military time and civil service time in order to enhance your civil service retirement from OPM, you are eligible for CRDP payments; however, you will have to reinstate your retired pay by coordinating with OPM.
Pay Delivery

Pay will either be direct deposited or mailed depending on your current retired pay information. Your CRDP payments will reflect as a decrease in the VA waiver deduction on your Retiree Account Statement; however, you will continue to receive the same amount from the DVA.

CRDP payments are taxable according to your current retired pay Federal Income Tax Withholding tax rate and may affect the amount you wish to have deducted for State Income Tax Withholding.