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Our priorities

The Minnesota National Guard’s enduring goal is to provide agile and resilient Citizen-Soldiers and -Airmen to fulfill any federal, state or community demand. To reach this goal the Minnesota National Guard must be successful in two key areas: providing ready military units whenever and wherever needed and integrating the mutual needs and requirements of our many important stakeholders with our own capabilities.

Providing ready units achieves our greatest obligation to the state of Minnesota and the United States. We must effectively prepare our units throughout all phases of the readiness cycle to ensure we are ready when called upon to support our nation overseas or at home. In order to provide this force, we must have the right mix of personnel and force structure for current and anticipated missions.

Developing and maintaining external relationships that add value to the Minnesota National Guard benefits our Soldiers and Airmen by providing the resources needed to sustain quality of life during periods of deployment and redeployment.

To accomplish these objectives, we focus on six priorities. The priorities complement each other and work together to strengthen our organization. Each of these priorities are integrated into everything we do throughout the force.

- Fielding a competent ready force
- Maintaining an optimal force structure
- Cyber security and response
- Develop sustainable infrastructure
- Service members and their Families
- Diversity of the force
Cyber Security and Response
Continuous Vigilance

"We will mitigate threats and coordinate efforts to assist civil authorities in the event of a large-scale failure of, or an attack on, one of Minnesota’s many vital systems.  We must defend the Minnesota National Guard’s network and be able to assist civil authorities in the event that an essential system is interrupted or degraded.  The Minnesota National Guard is committed to partnering with federal, state and local agencies in order to defend against cyber events from occurring, while ensuring continuity of government operations." Cyber Security
- Minnesota Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Richard C. Nash

Working with federal, military and state partners, in particular the Minnesota Department of Information Technology, the Minnesota National Guard is working on ways to maintain and defend our communications and improve our ability to react to a cyber event.

The Minnesota National Guard is initiating exercises that test our critical information infrastructure and working with city, county, state and federal agencies to ensure the interoperability of our response and communications. In January, the Minnesota National Guard led a continuity of operations exercise including a cyber component with several state agencies participating at Camp Ripley.

We routinely conduct interagency training with our Joint Communications Platform and Remote Communications Platform equipment to ensure that we are prepared to restore command, control and communications after a serious event. Our communications equipment is capable of deploying across the state to assist with re-establishing phone, internet and radio capability after a disaster.

The Minnesota National Guard’s Cyber Network Defense Team recently visited Croatia to work with members of the Croatian Armed Forces during a tabletop cyber security exercise. This partnership is one of many the Minnesota National Guard is involved with to share knowledge and best practices among our military and civilian partners.

In addition, two Minnesota National Guard airmen are part of an out-of-state unit, with the mission of detecting and countering threats in the cyber domain. This allows development of individual skills and abilities to posture the Minnesota Air National Guard to be a candidate for future cyber-related missions.

The Minnesota National Guard continues to educate all service members of their day-to-day responsibilities in a technologically-integrated world.

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