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The Minnesota National Guard’s enduring goal is to provide agile and resilient Citizen-Soldiers and -Airmen to fulfill any federal, state or community demand. To reach this goal the Minnesota National Guard must be successful in two key areas: providing ready military units whenever and wherever needed and integrating the mutual needs and requirements of our many important stakeholders with our own capabilities.

Providing ready units achieves our greatest obligation to the state of Minnesota and the United States. We must effectively prepare our units throughout all phases of the readiness cycle to ensure we are ready when called upon to support our nation overseas or at home. In order to provide this force, we must have the right mix of personnel and force structure for current and anticipated missions.

Developing and maintaining external relationships that add value to the Minnesota National Guard benefits our Soldiers and Airmen by providing the resources needed to sustain quality of life during periods of deployment and redeployment.

To accomplish these objectives, we focus on six priorities. The priorities complement each other and work together to strengthen our organization. Each of these priorities are integrated into everything we do throughout the force.

- Fielding a competent ready force
- Maintaining an optimal force structure
- Cyber security and response
- Develop sustainable infrastructure
- Service members and their Families
- Diversity of the force
Cyber Security and Response

"We secure our state’s military network and collaborate with interagency partners to enhance our response to and recovery from negative Cyber events."

Working with federal, military and state partners, in particular the Minnesota Department of Information Technology, the Minnesota National Guard is working to maintain and defend its communications and improve its ability to react to a cyber event.

The Minnesota National Guard defends its information infrastructure as outlined in the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002, which requires all federal agencies to develop, document and implement agency-wide plans to ensure information security. As part of its recovery strategy, the Minnesota National Guard monitors for indicators that could possibly degrade its information network and require action as outlined in established Communication Response Plans.

The Minnesota National Guard initiates exercises to evaluate its critical information infrastructure, and tests alternate forms of communication to minimize dependence on technology that could be compromised by outside factors. This work is done routinely with city, county, state and federal agencies to expand the Minnesota National Guard’s understanding of the information systems and defensive postures used by its partners.

Under the auspices of the State Partnership Program, the Minnesota National Guard has partnered with Croatia’s Cyber Response Team and has conducted cyber training events for several years. In 2014 the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute collaborated with the Minnesota National Guard to provide training and certification for Croatia’s Cyber Response Team.

The Minnesota National Guard’s emphasis on creating a Cyber Protection Team would expand its capabilities to meet emerging cyber needs. The team would consist of 39 Service members trained in information technology and intelligence, and would enhance the Minnesota National Guard’s ability to ensure intrusion detection and prevention, and capability to monitor for threat indicators.

In 2015 the Minnesota National Guard will participate in large-scale exercises, including Vigilant Guard, Cyber Guard and Cyber Shield, in addition to attending cyber security summits and other relevant training.

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