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Minnesota National Guard
Minnesota National Guard Priorities
Our vision

Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen capable of fighting our nation's wars, protecting our country, and responding to our state's emergencies while remaining the most trusted institution in Minnesota.

Our priorities

Our bottom line responsibility is to be ready to fight our nation's wars and win. Everything we do supports and is connected to our primary responsibility. Each service member must be competent in his or her assigned duties. We are all responsible, each Soldier and Airman, to maintain baseline physical, administrative, medical and dental requirements.
People First

Our Soldiers, Airmen and civilian employees are our most important resources. We will train, coach, and mentor for our future through four imperatives: first, we must engage our diverse force through effective, leader driven retention and recruiting; next, our team must be trained ethical leaders and understand the many opportunities for professional and personal growth; third, our families will be supported by robust community based services and programs; and finally, our formations are trained and educated to accomplish global and local missions.
Leader Development

The future of the Minnesota National Guard depends on developing professional, ethical, and caring leaders that can motivate and inspire our Citizen Soldiers and Airmen to accomplish any mission in any environment. We focus on mentorship and provide critical feedback to further develop our men and women. Our inclusive organization delivers a breadth of leadership opportunities that enable our service members to grow and serve their nation and state. Our leadership culture enables officers and non-commissioned officers to make decisions appropriate at their level.
Organizational Safety and Security

The Minnesota National Guard is committed to providing a workplace that is safe from internal and external physical threats and harassment; and is cyber aware so as to execute sound practices that mitigate cyber-based threats. The Minnesota National Guard has been entrusted with society’s most precious resources, our sons and daughters. We demand and maintain a culture free of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Additionally, we cherish and value the lives of all of those who serve in the Minnesota National Guard and vow to uphold all aspects of resiliency; in particular, assisting with service member health and suicide prevention.
Fiscal and Property Responsibility

The National Guard remains a community-based force, with Readiness Centers, armories, bases, and training facilities strategically throughout our state. Minnesota National Guard facilities are built to be energy independent. Organizationally, we are audit ready; we expend resources in a responsible manner to build and sustain combat readiness; and we review and update policies and processes that are cost and time prohibitive to maximize federal and state funding.
Communicate and Partner

The Minnesota National Guard takes great pride in effectively engaging our key audiences. First and foremost, we develop meaningful relationships with our families so that they are well cared for when a service member deploys. We ensure that we are involved in the communities where we serve so that we can be most helpful to incident commanders in an emergency. Our partnerships with local communities is amplified by our "Yellow Ribbon" program and military outreach. We are instrumental in leveraging and integrating national Department of Defense programs. We take every opportunity to advance the Minnesota National Guard's bilateral relationship with Norway, and the State Partnership with Croatia. We strive to make sure that local, state, and national elected officials are informed about our team and emerging needs.