Minnesota National Guard
In Their Own Words podcasts
An oral history of the Minnesota National Guard.
In Their Own Words

Sgt. Wayne Lewis Hooks Sr.
Sgt. Wayne Lewis Hooks Sr. recaps his career in the U.S. Army and how it has positively influenced his life since he separated himself from the military.
(Run time 05:21

Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Louis Jasmin
Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Louis Jasmin recaps his career as an enlisted Soldier in the Minnesot Army National Guard from the WWII era through the Korean War and up to his retirement. (Run time 19:03)

Sgt. Bryan Sheppard
Sgt. Bryan Sheppard, 1/34th Brigade Troops Battalion recaps some of the highlights of his deployment to Iraq with the 1/34th Brigade Combat Team from 2005-2007.
(Run time 05:33)

1-194th Armor, 1974-1976, Duluth, MN
COL (Ret) William Morgan describes commanding an Armor Battalion during annual training using the M48 tanks.

(Run time 2:11, recorded 7/22/06)

109th Light Equipment Maintenance Company, 1981-1984, Duluth, MN
Col. (Ret) William Vincent describes commanding the 109th LEM and recounts their exceptional production of maintenance work orders during annual training at Army Depots.

(Run time 2:15, recorded 7/22/06).

133rd Aerial Squadron, 2001-2006, St. Paul, MN
Staff Sgt. Bess Vlaisavjlevich gives a rundown of the Aerial Port and her experiences being deployed, twice, to the desert.
(Run time 18:01)

147th Finance Battalion , 1983-2006, Roseville, MN
Command Sgt. Maj. Jerry Mahlke recaps his tenure with the 147th Finance Battalion during a ceremony deactivating the unit.

(Run time 6:47, recorded 11/4/06).

47th Infantry Division, 1986-1988, Minneapolis, MN
Maj. Gen. (Ret) Robert Blevins discusses participating in the first Battle Staff Command Training Program administered to a National Guard Division, and the achievements of the Soldiers in the great Viking Division.

(Run time 6:08)

34th Infantry Division, 1939-1976, Stillwater, MN
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) James O’Brien reflects on his career in the Minnesota National Guard and his experiences in World War II and the Korean War.
(Run time 35:13, recorded 10/26/06)

47th Supply and Maintenance Battalion, 1985-1988, Camp Ripley, MN
Col. (Ret) Dirk Gasterland depicts commanding a battalion during State Active Duty in support of a labor strike in Austin.

(Run time 5:12, recorded 7/22/06)

1st Battalion, 136th Mechanized Infantry, 1987-1989, St. Cloud, MN
Col. (Ret) Ronald Deppa describes the mission and equipment of the 1-136th while he was the Battalion Commander.   He profiles his Executive Officer, who would later serve as The Adjutant General, Minnesota National Guard.
(Run time 3:31, recorded 7/22/06).

B Company, 434th Main Support Battalion, 2004-2005, St. Cloud, MN
Maj. Jeff Howe describes the mobilization and deployment of the 34th Infantry Division's Truck Company.

(Run time 16:32, recorded 7/29/06)

Black History Month is Celebrated at the 133rd Airlift Wing
Maj. Theo Williams of the 133rd Medical Group and Master Sgt. Stefeni Heyerdahl of the Mission Support Flight talk about their careers in the Minnesota National Guard.
(Run time 3:28, recorded 7/22/06).
Black History Month Main Effort

D Battery, 1st Battalion, 175th Field Artillery, 1967-1970, Olivia, MN
Col. (Ret) Kenneth Digre discusses developing a highly effective team of officers and NCOs as his Battery trained in preparation for possible deployment to Vietnam.

(Run time 4:23, recorded 2/16/07).

F Company, 747th Maintenance Battalion, 1979-1983, Princeton, MN
Brig. Gen. Gerald Lang talks about the Soldiers, accomplishments, and Esprit-de-Corps F company.

(Run time 6:32, recorded 7/22/06)

Headquarters and A Company, 204th Medical Battalion, 1970-1973, Minneapolis, MN
Col. (Ret) Anton Johnson talks about his tenure as company commander and some difficulties he faced as a National Guard commander during the last years of the draft.

(Run time 6:57, recorded 7/22/06).