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Minnesota National Guard
Stories of the
1st Brigade Combat Team
NorthStar GUARD Online
The official command information publication of the 1/34th Brigade Combat Team, 2007-2012.

Individual Articles

Red Bulls wrapping up deployment
Written by Public Affairs, 04/12/2012

I'm officially an American
Written by Public Affairs, 03/24/2012

Over and out: Delta 'Drifter' Company prepared to go home!
Written by Public Affairs, 03/23/2012

Minnesota Employment Resource Team comes to Kuwait
Written by Public Affairs, 03/06/2012

Serving our Troops in Kuwait!
Written by Public Affairs, 02/26/2012

Artillery Soldiers train with live ammo in Kuwait
Written by Public Affairs, 02/23/2012

Signal Corps enables wartime victory
Written by Public Affairs, 02/18/2012

Minnesota Guard Red Leg artillery trains with U.S. Army in Kuwait
Written by Public Affairs, 02/17/2012

Red Bulls take Caimans off-road in Kuwait
Written by Public Affairs, 01/25/2012

Our first trip to Kuwait City
Written by Public Affairs, 01/15/2012

Combating Unemployment
Written by Capt. Sara Behr, 02/05/2012

Red Bulls: Bringing the Minnesota Polar Bear Plunge to Kuwait
Written by Staff Sgt. Lynette Hoke, 02/04/2012

The Mark of an Infantryman
By Cpl. Trisha Betz,1/31/12

Hockey Day Minnesota from Kuwait
By Cpl. Trisha Betz,1/24/12

Crazyhorse convoy escort security mission complete
By 1st Brigade Combat Team,1/19/12

Earthpigs last convoy

By 1st Brigade Combat Team,1/15/12

Soldiers in Kuwait will act as response force
By 1st Brigade Combat Team,1/14/12

Canadian service members receive awards from 1-125 FA

By 1st Lt. Sean Carstensen 1/12/12

Infantry Soldiers receive additional training in Kuwait
By Sgt. Glenn Kuehne,1/5/12

Minnesota Soldier earns 2nd Purple Heart
By Spc. Mathew Schlueter, 12/31/11

Operation New Dawn: Joint training offers cultural experience
By Spc. Trisha Betz,12/21/11

The Sun Sets on Operation New Dawn
By Capt. John M. Hobot, 12/14/11

Paving the way home
By Sgt. 1st Class Brittany Thingvold, 12/11/11

Red Bull Cavalry escorts convoy into Iraq
By Spc. Mathew Schlueter, 11/16/11

Driving a draw down
By Cpl. Trisha Betz, 11/8/11

Short haul, long night
By Spc. Bob Brown, 11/8/11

1st Brigade Combat Team moves forward with joint training

Delta Company supports Iraq drawdown
By 1st Lt. Travis Tomford, 11/11

2-135 Infantry transfers security mission to become Regional Reaction Force
By Staff Sgt. Lynette Hoke,10/28/11

Fighting the Good Fight
By Pfc. Linsey Williams,10/22/11

Convoy Escort Security: Safeguarding the Iraq Drawdown
By Spc. Zachary K. Mangas,10/10/11

Hard work by one Soldier leaves a historical marker
By 1st Lt. Sean Carstensen,10/6/11

Army 10-Miler, Kuwait
By Capt Sara Behr,10/2/11

U of M coach Robinson tours Kuwait thanking Red Bulls
By Spc. Trisha Betz,10/10/11

Military mom supports daughter half a world away
By Spc. Trisha Betz, 10/5/11

Beyond the Basics
By Pfc. Kyle Potaracke, 9/28/11

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
By Chief Warrant Officer Daniel McGowan, 9/26/11

Patched into tradition, Crazyhorse receives right arm Red Bull
By Spc. Zachary K. Mangas, 9/11/11

Eyes in the sky: Minnesota Guard unmanned drone team supports Afghanistan operations
By Spc. Tobey White, 8/25/11

No drinking fountains in the desert
By Chief Warrant Officer Daniel McGowan, 8/19/11

1BCT takes over mission in Kuwait
By 1/34 BCT Public Affairs, 8/19/11

Red Bull Express.pdf
Aug. 2011

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon shows deployed Soldiers how to come all the way home
By Spc. Trisha Betz, 7/22/11

Desert Bulls Ride Again
By Staff Sgt. Lynette Hoke, 6/18/11

Crazy Horse Closes the Loop on Deployment Tasks
By Spc. Zachary Mangas, 5/15/11

Soldiers Depart Halloween Capital for Deployment to Kuwait
By Pfc. Bob Brown, 5/15/11

Twelve deploying Soldiers honored at departure ceremony
By Spc. Trisha Betz, 4/15/11

Cathedral of St. Paul holds Mass for Troops
By Staff Sgt. Lynette Hoke, 4/14/11

Bataan Death March Vets provide context for memorial march

Soldiers find Respite, Resources at Family Prep Academy
Written by 1BCT PAO, 1/25/11

Dr. King honored by Guard and community at annual breakfast
Written by Spc. Tom Keeler, 1/17/11

Annual Training brings new challenges to 1st BCT
Written by Maj. Paul Rickert, 8/10/10

Cooperative Medical Engagement at Al Madinah
Written by Cpl. Joe Roos, Minnesota National Guard Public Affairs, 5/12/07

Minnesota Fishing Opener in Iraq
Written by Cpl. Joe Roos, Minnesota National Guard Public Affairs, 5/12/07

Minnesota Soldiers enhance bases, safety for U.S. forces
Written by Spc. Brian D. Jesness, 1/34 BCT Public Affairs, 5/1/07

Convoy driver disregards injuries to ensure safety of his passengers
Written by 1/34 BCT Public Affairs, 4/18/07

Complete Editions

Red Bull Express.pdf
12 Aug., 2010

Red Bull Express.pdf
11 Aug., 2010

Red Bull Express.pdf
10 Aug., 2010

Red Bull Express.pdf
9 Aug., 2010

Red Bull Express.pdf
8 Aug., 2010

Red Bull Express.pdf
7 Aug., 2010

Red Bull Express.pdf
6 Aug., 2010

Red Bull Express.pdf
17 July, 2009

Red Bull Express.pdf
16 July, 2009

Red Bull Express.pdf
15 July, 2009