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Minnesota National Guard
The Griffin
NorthStar GUARD Online
The official command information publication of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade,
2nd Battalion, 147th Assault Helicopter Battalion.

2-147th Soldiers and Families take part in NFL Game
Written by Sgt. Brandon Little, 11/18/07

2-147th Vietnam veteran provides experience and perspective to Task Force XII
Written by 1st Lt. Sean Spencer, 2-147th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 11/11/07

2-147th Father and Son pilots work together in Iraq
Written by Sgt. Brandon Little, 10/10/07

Task Force XII Soldiers receive combat patch
Written by Sgt. Brandon Little, 9/11/07

12th Combat Aviation Brigade Arrives in Iraq
Written by Sgt. 1st. Class Chris Seaton, Task Force XII Public Affairs NCO, 9/4/07