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Minnesota National Guard
MPD Sgt. Blackwell: 'We're human, we have hearts, we care about people'

Minnesota National Guard MINNEAPOLIS, Minn(KMSP)- Talking with Minneapolis police Sgt Katie Blackwell, it's clear she truly cares about her job and the people who live and work in the first precinctWhen a man was sexually assaulting women in Ramp C downtown last week Sgt Blackwell took it personally, making his arrest a top priority The suspect was in custody within 48 hours

"We just won't tolerate predators walking through our city and our communities, so yeah, I took it pretty personally," Sgt Blackwell said

To understand why she cares so much, one has to know where she's coming from, and it's quite a story She grew up one of 10 kids in northeast Minneapolis, something Sgt Blackwell says helps her connect with her community

"When you put yourself in their shoes, or like, I understand what it's like to come from poverty, and then I grew up in the inner city, and I moved around a lot," she said

Sgt Blackwell joined the Minnesota National Guard when she was 17 as a convoy commander in Iraq, and she was also in charge of the scout vehicle She earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star leading her unit through danger; her convoy was blown up three times She ended up surviving a head and leg injury

"I put my flashlight down on my leg and asked them to look at my leg to make sure it was still there He said it was," she remembered

Back here at home with the Minneapolis Police Department, she has won numerous awards A commendation in 2010 for chasing down the Powderhorn rape suspect right as he was ready to attack again She has won two lifesaving awards, two more commendations for chasing down robbery suspects, and with a bow and arrow pointed right at her, she talked a man out of shooting her so she didn't have to shoot him She's also the leader of the negotiation team However, one of the especially important roles she's taken on is teaching fellow cops how to respond when they encounter veterans

"Their survival instincts kick in because they're in crisis, and we, as police officers, surround them and you know, they're trained to fight, so teaching officers how to de-escalate the situation and how to come up peacefully instead of ramping them up," she explained

Back out on the beat, Sgt Blackwell is quick to talk about the good work of her team She may be the leader, but she says success is all teamwork

"We wear bulletproof vests, but we're not bulletproof We're human, we have hearts, we care about people," she said "I love that for one minute you can be handing out baseball cards to kids And then you might be chasing down a criminal and putting them away, you might be consoling a victim"

October 15, 2014
Karen Scullin
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Minnesota State Fair Military Appreciation Day to recognize women veterans

Posted: 2018-08-27  12:34 PM
Minnesota National Guard FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
August 27, 2018

ST. PAUL, Minn.- The Minnesota State Fair's eighth annual Military Appreciation Day will take place Tuesday, August 28, and provide an educational opportunity for all fairgoers to learn about Minnesota's military community. This year's theme is honoring Minnesota's women veterans.

"The Minnesota State Fair is a great opportunity to bring our community together to show appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our state's veterans," said Maj. Gen. Jon Jensen, The Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard. "This year, I am proud to stand with women veterans as we highlight their stories and contributions to our armed forces."

Minnesota Guardsmen learn survival skills, train with Norwegian counterparts

Posted: 2018-07-03  01:36 PM
NOREX 45 Over the course of 10 days, 100 Soldiers and Airmen from the Minnesota National Guard who traveled to Norway June 17-26, 2018, for the 45th Norwegian Reciprocal Troop Exchange learned valuable survival skills and shared their knowledge with members of the Norwegian Home Guard. This year's exchange was the second to take place during the summer months in the history of the longest-running military partnership between two nations.

"It was a great experience for both the Minnesota National Guard and the Norwegian Home Guard," said Capt. 'Kiwi' HorgA�ien, the senior Norwegian instructor. "A cultural exchange, a social exchange and military exchange all packed into one."

The 45th exchange got off to a late start, with flight delays causing the trip to be shortened from its normal length of two weeks. The delay meant that the Minnesota Guardsmen jumped right into training, heading out to the field after just a few hours of sleep.

133rd Airlift Wing Emphasizes Combat Readiness Training

Posted: 2018-06-29  10:48 AM
Alpena ALPENA, Michigan - Approximately 300 U.S. Air Force Airmen from the 133rd Airlift Wing participated in a readiness exercise at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, Alpena, Mich.

The exercise, tagged as Iron Ore, was designed test the Airmen abilities to set up operations at an unfamiliar location and receive in depth training on Ability-To-Survive and Operate (ATSO) principles while supporting airlift and aeromedical flight operations.

To ensure mission success and readiness, Airmen had to complete training at home station prior to leaving for Alpena. Some of this training included weapons qualification, gas mask fit testing, Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) familiarization, self-aid and buddy care and career field training.

Red Bulls Kickoff Division Warfighter

Posted: 2018-06-13  01:38 PM
DIV WFX CAMP ATTERBURY, Ind. - "A Warfighter is an exercise that allows the Division to evaluate their ability to maneuver assets in a battle," said Master Sgt. Greg Weaver, the Operations Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge for the Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion. "It is designed to focus on particular areas and specific objectives to be evaluated or tested."

The Division has geared its' planning and training efforts in preparation for Warfighter since July 2017. Coordinating transportation for Soldiers and equipment was often on the mind of Maj. David Johansson, the logistics officer for the 34th ID. With the coordination of Johansson and his team, troops and equipment all converged on Camp Atterbury, enlisting the help of 89 railcars, 280 tractor-trailers, and nearly 50 buses for the movement.

"I like to say my job is to 'quiet the noise'". Johansson continued, "The noise being a real life logistical problem that could impede the exercise."

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