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Minnesota National Guard
Editorial: State takes lead in fixing military snafu

  • Updated: May 18, 2012 - 7:25 PM
Congressional delegation pushes to restore promised time off

It shouldn't take an act of Congress to undo a bureaucratic mistake that reduced soldiers' paid time off once they arrived back home But it did, and it's a credit to Minnesota that its entire congressional delegation led the legislative charge for change

Republican Rep John Kline and Democratic Sen Amy Klobuchar, in particular, have displayed strong leadership since the Pentagon snafu surfaced last fall involving a program designed to ease tired, stressed military personnel back into everyday life

Their bipartisan teamwork was a key ingredient in this week's passage of legislation in the US House and Senate that will restore time-off benefits for about 49,000 military personnel across the nation, including about 2,000 in Minnesota

"Minnesota has always cared for our troops This is another example,'' said Klobuchar on Thursday shortly after her bill cleared the Senate Kline's bill went through the House on Tuesday Every other member of Minnesota's congressional delegation signed on as cosponsors to the legislation

Troops affected by this ill-advised policy change are returning from deployments every day Any further delay means that more of them are caught up in this paid-leave mess and will need to have their situations straightened out retroactively

Kline and Klobuchar have urged President Obama to move expeditiously, even if it means foregoing a bill-signing ceremony Arranging one could have taken five to 10 days While both are up for reelection this fall and could have benefited from the White House hobnobbing and bipartisan photo opportunity, they recognized it was more important for the bill to be signed into law as soon as possible

Congress deserves thanks for addressing this issue, but it's still troubling that it had to get involved The Pentagon needs to update its personnel policies from time to time

But this change was blatantly unfair to deployed troops Many of them, such as Minnesota's Red Bulls, have served multiple or extended stints overseas

What the Pentagon did is send them abroad with one set of rules about paid time off Mid-deployment, it announced a new policy with reduced benefits

Military officials should have realized that they'd made a mistake and were reneging on a promise to troops Those currently deployed should have been "grandfathered" into the new policy and given the benefits they'd been told they would earn

The Pentagon still hasn't explained why it changed the policy Department of Defense officials on Thursday declined an editorial writer's request for further details Given national concerns about veterans' post-traumatic stress disorder and their difficulty finding jobs, defense officials should have to make a very strong public case for reducing paid, post-deployment leave

This time cushion is vital to veterans and their families and is a much-deserved investment in their future Matthew Hite of the Minnesota National Guard recently returned from 10 months in Kuwait after previously serving in Afghanistan and Kosovo

He lost 26 days of paid leave under the policy change When it's restored, he hopes to spend it playing catch in Maplewood with his 7-year-old son, Charles, and maybe visiting Disneyland Said Hite: "I just want the most time possible to spend with him''
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Minnesota Nice Extends to Puerto Rico

Posted: 2017-12-08  12:08 PM
Minnesota National Guard CAMP SANTIAGO, Puerto Rico - It has been more than two months since Hurricane Maria stuck Puerto Rico, leaving a trail of disaster behind it. The island was in dire need of some extra help. More than 230 Air National Guardsmen from 29 states have been deployed to the island and are helping in any way they can.

Eleven of those Airmen are from the Minnesota National Guard's 148th Fighter Wing out of Duluth, Minn. and the 133rd Airlift Wing out of St. Paul, Minn., are no exception in their desire to lend a helping hand. They have been at Camp Santiago, Puerto Rico, since before Thanksgiving and will leave around mid-December. Their mission is to feed military and civilian hurricane relief workers, giving them the much-needed fuel to complete their mission throughout the day.

Governor Mark Dayton installs new Minnesota National Guard Adjutant General

Posted: 2017-11-04  04:16 PM
TAG installation ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton administered the oath of office to Maj. Gen. Jon A. Jensen, installing him as the Minnesota National Guard's 31st Adjutant General during a ceremony in St. Paul, November 4, 2017.

"General Jensen has been a tremendous leader of the Minnesota National Guard throughout his years of dedicated service," said Governor Dayton. "He has served in two top leadership positions, as the Commanding General of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division, and also as the Chief of Staff at the Guard's Joint Force Headquarters. I am confident that he will continue to provide the same outstanding leadership as his predecessor, General Rick Nash."

Jensen most recently served as the Commanding General of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division. He previously held positions as Deputy Commanding General, United States Army Africa and Southern European Task Force, Minnesota National Guard Director of the Joint Staff and Minnesota National Guard Assistant Adjutant General - Army.

Guard Heritage Suffers with Loss of Artillery Unit

Posted: 2017-10-04  11:22 AM
ETAB ANOKA, Minn. - The Minnesota National Guard lost one of its most historically significant units when the 151st Artillery's E Battery, (Target Acquisition) cased its colors in a ceremony at the Anoka High School Aug. 19, 2017.

The Target Acquisition Battery (ETAB), 151st Field Artillery is one of the oldest and most decorated units in the Minnesota National Guard and the 34th Infantry Division. "Both Minnesota and the Division lose the proud lineage that goes back to Civil War days, through WW1 and WW2, and had a significant amount of battle streamers," said 151st Field Artillery Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Patrick Cornwell.

The 151st Field Artillery draws its lineage from the 1st Regiment, Minnesota Heavy Artillery of 1864 which fought two major campaigns in Tennessee during the Civil War.

In one month: Minnesota Guardsmen support Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

Posted: 2017-09-29  02:25 PM
Minnesota National Guard ST. PAUL, Minn. - In the span of a few weeks, three major hurricanes hit different parts of the southern United States, causing widespread damage and destruction and requiring the response of agencies around the country. The Minnesota National Guard is one of the many organizations that have responded, sending Soldiers and Airmen to Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

"This is the most gratifying deployment of my career," said Capt. Jeremy Maxey with the 133rd Airlift Wing who was called back from his vacation early to go to the Virgin Islands. "It means a lot to be able to actually directly help people. It's why I serve. Throughout my career I've deployed numerous times, but this is the one where you actually see the people you serve."

The start of the month brought the first request for assistance. On Sept. 1, two CH-47 Chinook helicopters and 11 personnel from the St. Cloud-based B Company, 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment left for Texas following Hurricane Harvey to transport personnel and equipment in support of response efforts.

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