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Minnesota National Guard
Army aviators career transitions with ceremonial last flight

SAINT PAUL, Minn -- The 34th Combat Aviation Brigade said goodbye to one of its senior leaders Tuesday as Lt Col Eric Waage performed his ceremonial last flight at the Minnesota National Guard's Army Aviation Support Facility

Family and friends gathered at Holman Field to witness Waage's UH-60 Black Hawk lift off for the last time As the aircraft disappeared over the St Paul horizon the onlookers settled in for the long wait for his return

"I know he's going to miss flying a lot," said his wife Krismar "I'm sure he'll find a few toys to tinker with He's been looking at boats and has dreams of some day putting together a Piper Cub from a kit with our son Anders"

Waage's UH-60 was manned by long-time friends Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jeff Pratt, State Standardization Instructor Pilot, and Command Sgt Maj Kelly Fisher, 2nd Battalion, 147th Assault Helicopter Battalion "These are guys I've been flying with for a long time," said Waage "That was nostalgic flying with them again"

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Waage began his aviation career flying UH-1H Hueys, AH-1 Cobras and CH-47 Chinooks as a copilot before changing over to over to Black Hawks "I know I'll miss flying a lot," said Waage "It's been part of my life for 22 years"

There are many memories over the years that stand out Loosing a tail rotor, and being able to land the aircraft, is quite a story "It was a night flight in a Huey up by Elk River," said Waage "The bird missed the windscreen, which was good, but it knocked off the tail rotor and gearbox Even with the dramatic loss of weight, causing the aircraft to "˜teeter-totter,' we were able to get the aircraft to the ground safely"

"I really enjoyed counterdrug flyin.g Supporting law enforcement was really interesting, challenging flying," said Waage He found other mission types including fire fighting and flood response particularly gratifying Search-and-rescue missions included the Katie Poirier, Dru Sjodin, and Julie Holmquist searches.

In another instance Waage's response to an emergency resulted in the saving of a life During a Canadian border patrol mission, Waage's crew came across a traffic accident where a gravel truck had struck a small car near Lake of the Woods, Minn "People were motioning us to land," said Waage "They had just extricated her Because it was an imminent threat to life we landed, they put her on the aircraft and we got her to the hospital Evidently, that saved her life"

Drawing upon years of community service, Waage will transition into his new role as the Director of Emergency Management for Hennepin County "My experience in the military helped lay the foundation for my ability to do that job," said Waage

He also gave kudos to the Army Aviation community in the Minnesota National Guard "What got me in the door as a college kid was all the fancy equipment and aircraft, but it's the people that kept me here," said Waage "The aviation community is fantastic They're very professional The best pilots, the best mechanics and the best support and flight ops people you could meet We saw that on the deployment I always felt the aircraft were maintained really well and I was flying with top-notch people You can't ask any more than that!"

Story and photos by Sgt 1st Class Daniel Ewer
34th Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs
23 Aug, 2011

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Minnesota National Guard to highlight diversity and leadership development at Women's Leadership Forum

Posted: 2017-09-15  10:45 AM
Minnesota National Guard FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
September 15, 2017

MAPLEWOOD, Minn.- Nearly 650 soldiers and airmen are scheduled to attend the Minnesota National Guard's third annual Women's Leadership Forum at the 3M Corporate Headquarters Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017.

"The Minnesota National Guard continues to diversify our force and grow strong leaders," said Brig. Gen. Sandy Best, chief of staff of the Minnesota Air National Guard. "Strong leaders are able to self-manage and channel emotions to produce desired behaviors and results."

The forum is part of an overall effort to promote an inclusive culture, diversify the organization, grow strong leaders and provide professional leadership development for both women and men. The topics will focus on emotional intelligence, leadership, high performing teams and creating a championship culture.

Minnesota Guardsmen tasked for support to Hurricane Irma relief efforts

Posted: 2017-09-11  02:20 PM
September 11, 2017

ST. PAUL, Minn.- This past weekend the Minnesota Air National Guard sent 41 Airmen to support response efforts for Hurricane Irma. Six Soldiers from the Minnesota Army National Guard also departed this morning to support relief efforts.

"I thank Major General Nash for his leadership, and the brave Minnesota National Guard soldiers who will provide assistance in Hurricane Irma response and relief efforts," said Governor Dayton. "I encourage all Minnesotans who are able to contribute to qualified relief efforts. Minnesota stands ready to assist those affected by Hurricane Irma in any way we are able."

The 41 Airmen come from the 133rd Airlift Wing based in St. Paul and have a variety of skillsets. Fourteen of the Airmen are with the unit's Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron and specially trained in emergency medical evacuations. They are currently on standby at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois where they will support potential missions in the Caribbean or Southern United States. The remaining personnel comprised of Airlift Control Flight, Logistics Readiness and Security Forces, arrived today at St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands where they will assist in recovery operations. The Airmen can support airports with skills and equipment to re-establish operations after disasters, secure aircraft and load and unload equipment.

Minnesota National Guard to send aviation assets to support Hurricane Harvey

Posted: 2017-09-01  10:42 AM
Minnesota National Guard FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
September 1, 2017

ST. PAUL, Minn.- Governor Dayton has approved 11 soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard's 34th Combat Aviation Brigade to support response efforts for Hurricane Harvey. The soldiers will depart today from St. Cloud via CH-47 chinook helicopters to conduct aviation operations in Texas.

"I am glad that Minnesota will be able to assist the victims of the terrible tragedy in Texas, with 11 Minnesota National Guard soldiers accompanying two Chinook helicopters to join in relief efforts," said Governor Dayton. "I thank Major General Nash for his leadership, and the brave Minnesota soldiers, who will travel to Texas to provide this critical relief. I encourage all Minnesotans, who are able, to donate to the qualified relief efforts. Minnesota stands ready to assist in any way we can."

The Minnesota National Guard's 34th Combat Aviation Brigade is an Army National Guard unit that supports disaster response operations by providing aviation capabilities - both UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

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