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Minnesota National Guard
Public Affairs Office

The Minnesota National Guard Public Affairs Office mission is to plan, coordinate, and synchronize military public information activities and resources in order to support the Adjutant General’s priorities, intent and concept of operations (CONOPS).  Public Affairs advises the Joint Force Command on the implications of command decisions, actions and operations on foreign and domestic public perceptions and plans, executes, and evaluates public affairs activities and events to support overall operational success. Public Affairs in conjunction with information operations (IO) is responsible for generating information requirements to assess the perceptions of our audiences and publics integrating that information into mission planning.

Public Affairs functions and activities are divided into public information, command information and community engagement.  These functions are supported through planning, analysis and assessment throughout the course of operations.

Public information is information of a military nature, the dissemination of which is consistent with security and the DOD principles of information.  While telecommunications technology continues to provide new public information opportunities, military public information is still largely a matter of ensuring media have access to information they need to report on military operations.  Media relations activities are designed to provide information to the domestic and international publics. Commanders and their Public Affairs staff should conduct briefings, issue statements, conduct interviews, respond to queries, arrange for access to operational units, and provide appropriate equipment, transportation and communications support to the media.  Plans should include specific provisions for each phase of the operation and, as appropriate, the inclusion of media on deploying aircraft and with deploying units.

Command information is communication by a military organization directed to the internal audience to help them understand the goals of the organization, its role in joint operations, as well as significant developments affecting them.  Base and organizational publications are traditional ways of reaching these groups.  During a joint operation, commanders should consider all dissemination capabilities available, particularly the Internet, to communicate details about the operation and the role of the joint force.  When military families are kept informed, affected Service members may be more focused on the mission, particularly when forward deployed.

Community engagement is the process of working collaboratively with and through groups of people affiliated by geographic proximity or special interest to enhance the understanding and support for military operations.  During joint operations, any number of personnel may be involved in activities that engage the community.  All community engagement activities should support the overall civil-military operations (CMO) plan.  Senior military leaders have responsibilities to engage key leaders in their operational areas, including those from other government agencies (OGAs) and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).  Public Affairs assists in identifying key leaders and recommending opportunities for military engagement. For more information on the Minnesota National Guard Public Affairs Office call 651-282-4410.


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