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Minnesota National Guard
Minnesota National Guard Journalists
Sgt. Trisha Betz

Sgt. Trisha Betz is a 46Q, Public Affairs Specialist for the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division.

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Family Matters Go Beyond the Uniform

Camp Ripley is training home to out-of-state Soldiers

Minnesota Soldier Receives Purple Heart

Soldiers from 1st Brigade complete 90-day reintegration training

The Mark of an Infantryman
By Cpl. Trisha Betz,1/31/12

Hockey Day Minnesota from Kuwait

By Spc. Trisha Betz,1/24/11

Operation New Dawn: Joint training offers cultural experience
By Spc. Trisha Betz,12/21/11

U of M coach Robinson tours Kuwait thanking Red Bulls
By Spc. Trisha Betz,10/10/11

Military mom supports daughter half a world away
By Spc. Trisha Betz, 10/5/11

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon shows deployed Soldiers how to come all the way home
By Spc. Trisha Betz, 7/22/11

Twelve deploying Soldiers honored at departure ceremony
By Spc. Trisha Betz, 4/15/11

Norwegian Exchange brings relatives together
Written by Spc. Trisha Betz, 2/18/11

Minnesota Guard trains in bitter Norwegian cold
Written by Spc. Trisha Betz, 2/15/11

1/34th BSTB Receives Commendation
Written by Pfc. Trisha Betz, 8/15/10



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