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Minnesota National Guard
Information Quality Guidelines
Information quality is important to us. Here are some of the ways we ensure that you get high quality information when you visit our site:
  • Providing a "page updated" date on the bottom of every page
  • Reviewing our pages at least every six months if not more frequently
  • Providing access to documents using open, industry standard web formats (HTML and XML) and alternative formats (PDFs) that are easy to use
  • Making online information and services accessible to individuals with disabilities
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and usability through surveys and usability testing
  • Organizing content by audience group and by subject based on feedback and other research
  • Using consistent navigation.  Most of our navigational items are in the same place and work the same way on every page
  • Using the same layout, appearance, and wording for pages that are related
  • Using basic common content like contact information, organizational information, frequently asked questions, and regulations
  • Using plain language
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