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Minnesota National Guard
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The rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show the nation's deep gratitude to those who have faithfully defended our country in times of war and peace. The ceremonical paying of respect is the final demonstration that a grateful nation can provide to a veteran's family. Opportunities are available for Guardsmen holding the grade E-7 (Army - Staff Sergeants, Air Force - Technical Sergeant) and below to further serve our great country by joining the Military Funeral Honors Teams that are providing the final tribute on behalf of our grateful nation. We currently have teams located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Stillwater and St. Cloud.

In addition to giving back to our country, Guardsment receive one day of Active Duty Stipend Pay and earn a full retirement point for participating in a Military Funeral detail. Upon satisfying the program's commitment needs, a ceremonial dress blue unifrom will be provided by the Military Funeral Honors Program. Trainining will be provided by on site instructors and opportunities to attend the PEC Funeral Honors course will be available. Volunteerism is the back bone of being a Citizen-Soldier.

To volunteer or recieve additional information, please contact the Minnesota Army National Guard Military Funeral Honors Program. Call 651-282-4570
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Honor Guard Team

Annual Medical Certificate - DA 7349.pdf

Commander's Questionnaire.pdf

New Soldier Waiver.pdf

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Soldier In-Processing Checklist.pdf


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