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Minnesota National Guard
Generally Speaking
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Soldiers, Airmen, Employees, and Families of the Minnesota National Guard;

About Us My last day as the Adjutant General has arrived. I want to tell you how honored and privileged I am to have been associated with each one of you for the past seven years as the Adjutant General, and over my forty-five year military career.

Together we have embraced key priorities and have accomplished much by working toward our readiness objectives. Though many tasks remain, you are postured for continued success.

I am very proud of each of you, and the national prominence that your commitment to excellence reflects on Minnesota in the Air Force and the Army. Each of you have earned this reputation through your overseas deployments, your response to disasters in our state and nation, and in your performance in exercises at home and abroad.

I believe the world today is more dangerous and volatile than at any time since 9-11-2001. Never has our nation needed a strong National Guard more than it does right now. Together, your voice is powerful. You represent the nation's finest, and it was an honor to be part of such an outstanding group. Being a Citizen-Soldier/Airman is a calling that few in our nation will ever know. You are part of an organization that appreciates and values each of your contributions, and I will be forever grateful to have served with you. I will cherish the memories I have been afforded over my four-and-a-half decades in uniform for the rest of my life.

I am also proud of the incredible support of your families and employers that has allowed you to serve in stressful assignments and to fulfill the multitude of requirements and commitments assigned by our elected leadership.

Special thanks to members of our team that are too often unsung heroes - our talented, dedicated State and Federal Civilian Employees who serve us every day. Without them, we would fail in our mission. I appreciate and honor your dedication and service to our state and to our National Guard.

Our nation and state need you to continue to maintain your readiness - as individuals and collectively - because that readiness is paramount to our ability to successfully face the challenges that lie ahead. I ask each of you to take on a personal commitment to keep yourselves ready, deployable, and skilled in your tasks.

I will close by congratulating MG Jon Jensen in his selection as the new Adjutant General. He is an outstanding senior leader, and will do an incredible job. He will undoubtedly take you to new levels, and will continue the proud tradition of having the forces of Minnesota postured to meet every emerging threat. Your Minnesota National with great leaders in all ranks.

Major General Richard C. Nash
Minnesota National Guard
The Adjutant General
31 October 2017

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Oct. 2011

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Maj. Gen. Nash

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