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Minnesota National Guard
Flood Fight 2009
Flood Fight 2009 Photo Galleries

Flood Fight Photos

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Minnesota National Guard break up ice dams
By Staff Sgt. William Houk, 3/31/09

Helicopters in an operation to break ice dams. Scenes include Soldiers and Airmen of the Minnesota National Guard and helicopters in flight.

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Brig. Gen. Joe Kelly
By Staff Sgt. William Houk, 3/29/09

Brig. Gen. Joe Kelly talks to a military journalist about the work of the National Guard in providing relief and support during flood conditions in Minnesota and the support his team provides to the effort.

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Minnesota National Guard 133rd Airlift Wing assists in Flood Fight 2009
By Staff Sgt. Amber Monio, 3/27/09

Minn. National Guard responding to record flooding of the Red River during Flood Fight 2009.

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Flood Fight 2009 Fact Sheets

April 17:
Flood Fight 2009 Update

April 16:
Flood Fight 2009 Update

April 15:
Flood Fight 2009 Update

Flood Fight 2009 Fact Sheet

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