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Minnesota National Guard
Minnesota Testing Programs
There are testing opportunities offered at National Test Centers (usually colleges) and the Education Service Office. Tests range from certification exams and college-credit-by-examination programs to language aptitude and military classification tests. Military personnel, spouses and eligible civilian employees are eligible to test. Testing programs are: Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES): ASVAB and AFAST (SIFT) test are available through our office.  For more information or a point of contact to take an exam, contact our office at:  651-282-4589, or email us at:  ng.mn.mnarng.mbx.assets-education@mail.mil

Note: This program is currently suspended.

The National Guard will reimburse Soldiers taking any of the national accredited certification examinations offered through DANTES. The cost of the examination is reimbursable at 100% (not including registration fees) on a one-time basis. Refer to the list of available certifications and licensures. There are other Certification programs available such as the Microsoft, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and other examinations. Get certification reimbursement information. Get certification reimbursement information.


For additional information on National Guard programs, https://education.ng.mil

Minnesota National Guard Education office
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