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Minnesota National Guard
Minnesota State Financial Incentives

Soldiers and Airmen in the Minnesota National Guard may be eligible for state incentives.
Minnesota State Reenlistment Bonus

Minnesota National Guard Soldiers and Airmen may be eligible for a State Reenlistment Bonus.
Soldiers and Airmen who have completed six (6) years total time in service (TIS) creditable for retirement and who have no more than twelve (12) total years of military service credible towards retirement are eligible for this bonus.
  • Meet Minnesota National Guard reenlistment eligibility criteria.
  • Be qualified in and hold as primary the MOS/AFSC to which they are assigned and hold the rank and grade of, or are no more than one grade below, the required grade of the position.
  • Must have been a satisfactory participant during the 3 months prior to the date of their reenlistment.
  • Enlist for three or six years.
  • Fulltime members of the Minnesota National Guard (AGR and Technicians) are NOT eligible for the State Reenlistment Bonus.
Contact your fulltime Admin personnel for additional information.

For additional information on National Guard programs, https://education.ng.mil

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