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Minnesota National Guard
Spousal Education
Spouse Tuition Reimbursement Benefit

The State of Minnesota has authorized spouses to use the remaining balance of a Service member's State Tuition Reimbursement, not to exceed 12 semester credits per year. Service members must meet the following criteria for their spouse to be able to use a portion of the remaining balance of their State Tuition Reimbursement Grant.

• Are serving satisfactorily as defined by the Adjutant General in paragraph 1-7; and

• Have served at least 8 years of [active-drilling, non-ING] service in the Minnesota National Guard.

• Are between the ranks of E-1 thru O-5 (to include Warrant Officers). Spouses of Officers promoted to the grade of O-6 (Colonel) during the school term are eligible to use the State Tuition Reimbursement Program until the end of that term.

• Annual Cap - Spouses may use up to 12 semester/17 quarter credits annually, not to exceed the sponsoring Service member's lifetime benefit of 144 semester/208 quarter credits.

• Spouse tuition reimbursement is counted towards the Service members maximum yearly undergraduate benefit of $17,000 per year or Graduate benefit of $36,000 per year. Payment Procedures will remain the same as for the Service member, and all payments will be direct deposited into the sponsoring Service member's bank account.

State Circular Annex A-1, Annual Obligation Form

State Circular Annex A-2, Payment Request Form

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