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Minnesota National Guard
State Partnership Programs
Croatian Partnership

States and their partners participate in a broad range of strategic security cooperation activities to include homeland defense/security, disaster response/mitigation, consequence/crisis management, interagency cooperation, border/port/aviation security, combat medical, fellowship-style internships, and bilateral familiarization events that lead to training and exercise opportunities.  All activities are coordinated through the Combatant Commanders, U.S. Ambassadors’ country teams, and other agencies as appropriate to ensure National Guard cooperation is tailored to meet U.S. and international partners’ objectives.


Norwegian Partnership

The exchange began in 1974 and is the longest-running military exchange partnership between any two nations. The yearly exchange promotes good will and sharpens military readiness between the nations as well as provides opportunities for cultural understanding among its participants.

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Canadian Partnership

The Minnesota National Guard and the Canadian Armed Forces have had an informal, ongoing partnership for many years.