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Minnesota National Guard
Drug Interdiction
Tactical Law Enforcement Support

MNCDTF Aviation Program is operational and is supporting requests from Law Enforcement Agencies.
RC-26 Lakota
Counterdrug equipment and personnel from surrounding states is available to provide military support to officials in Counterdrug-related missions.

Air assets are available to support aerial observation for marijuana or Meth labs, aerial command and control, Recon and/or Surveillance, SRT/SWAT training, or other LEA counterdrug applications as requested.

RC-26B: The RC-26B is a twin engine turbo-prop aircraft. Its primary missions include aerial observation, photo reconnaissance and airborne command and control. Outfitted with thermal imaging and capable of black and white or color digital imagery and video, the RC-26 can be used both day and night to monitor illiegal activity.

LUH-72A: The Lakota is a twin engine helicopter with a single, four-blade rotor. It comes equipped with an MX-15 imaging system (both color/IR capable), audio and video recording capabilities, laser pointing system, and an LS-16 searchlight with a power output of 30 million candlelight.  

Aviation Support Request.doc

Other Support

Other support is available on request based on availability of personnel, equipment, and funding.

Drug Detection (Ion Scanner) Support

The Counterdrug Program has drug detection scanners, one vehicle mounted, and qualifiedUH-60 operators. They utilize the science of Ion Mobility Spectrometry to detect drugs and are extremely accurate. The scanning can be done in under a minute. These are portable and mobile units and are available to support your missions with a certified operator. We are having great success with these scanners.  More information on the Smiths/Barringer Ion Scan technology.

Sample Request Letter for Support.docx
Analytical Support

Since 1990, Guard personnel have been assigned directly to law enforcement agencies to analyze the huge volume of data gathered by police officials while conducting illegal drug or narco-terrorism case investigations. Currently, we have personnel assigned at the federal, state and local levels.

You may request Analyst support by sending us a request letter.  We keep all letters on file and if funding becomes available then we will attempt to fill the positions that we can.  We also use the request letters to show an unfunded request at the National Guard Bureau level for budget purposes.