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Minnesota National Guard
Law Enforcement Equipment Programs
Acquiring Equipment For Law Enforcement Agencies

The Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug Coordinator is no longer the State Coordinator for the federal government's 1033 program (surplus equipment) and the 1122 program (federal procurement). These two programs are being transferred to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM).

Kim Ketterhagen is the HSEM point of contact for MN-LESO
Phone number: (651) 201-7485
E-mail: mn.leso@state.mn.us
MN-LESO Website

The 1033 Surplus Equipment Program- This program allows Minnesota's law enforcement agencies to obtain FREE excess military weapons, vehicles, and other equipment.  Over $25,000,000 worth of free equipment has been given to Minnesota LEAs to date.

The 1122 Federal Procurement Program- This program allows Minnesota's law enforcement agencies to purchase items at the federal government price; to include vehicles, weapons, communications and electronic items, night vision devices, medical items, uniforms, body armor, and dog handling equipment to name a few.