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Minnesota National Guard
Counterdrug Program

The Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug Task Force (MNCDTF) supports the National Drug Control Strategy, the National Guard Counterdrug Strategic Plan, the priorities of the Minnesota Adjutant General and anti-drug initiatives within the state. The MNCDTF will utilize counterdrug personnel to implement an aggressive approach to the primary effort of interdiction. The program uses an all drug interdiction approach keying on organizations and nodes rather than specific drugs, and includes Transnational Organized Crime (TOC), gangs, and independent organizations. The goal for drug interdiction is to support federal, state, tribal, and local agencies in the detection, disruption, interdiction, and curtailment of illicit drugs.
Drug Interdiction

The Drug Interdiction program focuses on providing military support to federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement officials in countering narco-terrorism and the flow of illegal drugs into Minnesota. There are three areas we have divided our support into:

Counterdrug Interdiction

Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Equipment Program

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Civil Operations

The Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug Program established it's Civil Operations Programs in 1992 to support federal, state, and local prevention programs by using positive role models to present a drug-free life style. Since then we have reached over 350,000 Minnesota youth with our programs.  Due to a change in priorities these courses will primarily be offered as “train the trainer” courses, with a priority to Beyond the Yellow Ribbon organizations.

Other Resources

This website provides assistance to students and family members in finding information on illegal use of drugs. We have grouped these websites into four general categories for ease of use:

Civil Operations

Law Enforcement

Student and Parent Resources

Contact Information

Counterdrug Coordinator
(651) 268-8936

Operations Sergeant
(651) 268-8937

Assistant Operations Sergeant
(651) 282-4447

Civil Operations

(651) 268-8853

Prevention, Treatment and Outreach Coordinator
(651) 268-8909
Prevention, Treatment and Outreach

MN Counterdrug Task Force

600 Cedar Street
Saint  Paul, MN 55101
Fax: (651) 282-4021

For Military Support other than Counterdrug
(651) 268-8886
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