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Minnesota National Guard
Website updates and comments
Our Websites

The Public Affairs staff are responsible for MinnesotaNationalGuard.org and MinnesotaMilitaryRadio.com.

Public Feedback

Comments and suggestions from the general public are encouraged. Please contact the unit or office listed on the page in question.
If you are unsure who to contact, send your correspondance to mn.ng.web@mail.mil. Be sure to tell us what page you are referring to.

Procedures for internal staff to update their pages

- Please submit a
Design/Graphic Services work request at http://www.vios.army.mil. How to.ppt

- Be sure to include the address (URL) of the page you are referring to.

- You will receive an email from VIOS when your update is complete.

- Please check your updated page for accuracy and functionality.

- Address any questions or concerns to mn.ng.web@mail.mil or 651-282-4410.

Completion times will vary based on workload and competing priorities. Our intent is to accomplish simple web updates within 5 working days. Jobs requiring design work may take an additional 5-20 working days.